Spice Business Opportunity in India

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Spice processing and packaging are regarded as a productive business in India. Anybody can commence a spice business as a minor, medium and large scale basis as per his or her investment capability. With changing lifestyles and particularly with changes in food habits and the gain in income level, the use of powdered spices has strengthened. In this article, we will discuss the Spice Business opportunity in India.

Spice Business opportunity in India

India produces virtually all the implied spices. The country is the biggest exporter of this commodity. As the spice is a complete consumption item largely utilized in culinary preparation or seasoning of food products, its internal demand is boosting quite steadily.

Spices are fast-moving consumable commodities and have large potential. Also, the export market for Indian spices is also rising. Spices from India are getting on places, with exports on course to top $3 billion by 2016-17.

Growth of Spice Registration in India

First of all, the spice appears under the essential goods segment. Also, it is a significant food item for kitchens. In a country like India where the population density is so big, the consumption is also very high. In India, there is a large expansion of Spice Registration where the marketers are obliged to need the certificate for export the commodities on a large scale. Also, there are several reasons to start the spice business in India.

Reasons of spice business in india

Reasons to Start a Spice Business in India

  • Spices Board of India.
  • Subsidy for Sending Spices Samples Abroad.
  • Assistance for Printing Promotional Literature / Videos / Brochures.
  • Subsidy for Promotions of Indian Spice Brand Abroad.
  • Subsidy for Spices Processing in North-Eastern Region.
  • Subsidy for involving in International Trade Fairs and meetings.

Registration & License for Spice Business in India

1 Registration of Firm:

To start the Spice business in India, firstly, get Company Incorporation or Company has to be organized as per method with an attractive name and logo.

2 GST Registration: 

GST registration assists you in bringing your business recognized and also opens a number of alternatives for your business. So It’s compulsory to take GST Registration for every business.

3 Udyam/MSME Registration:

Register your business with Udyam registration/ MSME Registration, it will help you to obtain the facility and subsidy from the state government.

4 TradeMark Registration: 

It is become very essential to preserve your brand logo from misuse or duplication by others. So, it requires to apply for a trademark and obtain a Trademark Registration number.

5 FSSAI Registration:

Spice powder is a food item so you expect to get a food operation license or FSSAI Registration which is mandatory for every food industry.

6 Required IEC code:

IEC is the initial registration needed for the business entities who are dealing in Importing or exporting of goods and services from India. So it is essential to apply for IEC code.

7 ISO Certification:

ISO 9001 ensure company commodity & services fulfils customer expectations and better consumer satisfaction. So it is compelled for a business to obtain ISO Certification.

List of Spices Mentioned in the Spice Board Act

Moreover, If you require any other guidance concerning Spice Registration, please feel free to contact our business advisors at 8881-069-069.

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