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Gamers around the world are becoming more and more interested in games thanks to more people using the internet, better technology, and high-speed internet data. As of the moment, operating an online gaming company might be a highly lucrative economic venture. Hence, if you wish to start online gaming company in India, you must be aware of the complete process. The market is flooded with new and exciting game applications from a variety of firms. Finally, they are generating a fortune because their gamers are willing to pay for access to particular levels and in-game purchases.

The process to Start Online Gaming Company In India

tasks_2021_2xDecide the type of Game or Product

For any business, the product should be decided first. The same goes for an online gaming company in India.

As an entrepreneur, you should develop or find a unique game that people will like. Furthermore, you should conduct market research and find out some essential information such as:

  • Who will be the target audience
  • What will be your source of earning
  • Who will be business partners
  • How will you market your game

tasks_2021_2xApply for Company Registration

Company Registration or Company Formation is a mandatory step to begin an online gaming company in India. Company Registration allows you to legally register your company with MCA(Ministry of Corporate Affairs).

You can have Company Formation from the following business entity types:

tasks_2021_2xDecide a platform

The next step is to decide if you want to release your games on an Android, iOS, or Windows-based platform. Concentrate on the platform that you believe has the greatest number of prospective gamers.

process to Start Online Gaming Company In India

tasks_2021_2xLocate an Investor

The next step to start online gaming company in India is to locate a financial backer who is prepared to put money into your project and help you get it off the ground.

You may seek financial assistance from a bank, a family member or friend, a private investor, or even a crowdsourcing platform.

A business loan from a bank can help you significantly in your business investment plans.

tasks_2021_2xApply for mandatory registrations

The basic registrations to Start Online Gaming Company In India are written below:

  • Trademark Registration

Trademark serves as a symbol for your company’s name, logo, and individuality.

Furthermore, trademark registration protects your game’s title and logo against unauthorized cloning.

  • Copyright Registration

Copyright is a safeguard for your games, ensuring that they cannot be stolen or copied by others. A copyright registration restricts the rights of anybody else to use your idea without your permission.

It is critical that anybody involved in the creation of the game, including the music and voice actors and designers, agree to assign to your firm any and all prospective intellectual property rights.

  • GST Registration

The provider of goods or services has the responsibility for paying GST.

In the case of online games, the platform that hosts the game is considered the provider and, as a result, is responsible for paying tax.

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The platform that runs the game must adhere to all of the rules and regulations of the provider, including having GST Registration if necessary, GST Return Filing, and providing all of the appropriate documentation to the appropriate department.

  • Website Development 

With a game website, you can tap into this massive industry and develop content. Setting up a private server to host multiplayer games is an option as well.

Hence, website development and digital marketing can help your online gaming business significantly. There’s no doubt having a website for any type of business is now the need of the hour.


These are the steps, in brief, to start an online gaming company in India. If you have any other queries you can contact our business advisors.

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