Static HTML vs WordPress Sites- Benefits & Disadvantages

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Are you a business owner looking to launch a new website, but not sure how to do it? Should you build your website from nothing or use a website building platform? There can be so many questions related to website development. So in this article, you will understand static html vs wordpress sites in terms of benefits and disadvantages.

What is Static HTML?

HTML is basically a markup language that is used to display various web pages. A huge percentage of the websites available on the internet use HTML and a variety of markup and scripting languages.

If you do not have knowledge about website development, you will have to hire a website developer who will create an HTML website for your business. Other than HTML, website developers mostly use JavaScript, CSS and some other technologies to build your website.

Most popular CMS software like WordPress use databases that store information and retrieve content. However on the other hand HTML websites store all the information in static files.

Now let us understand the advantages and disadvantages of using static HTML.

Benefits of using Static HTML

tasks_2021_2xAlmost No maintenance is required

Once you have launched your website, you do not have to install any external updates or regularly backup your information. If everything remains the same, you can simply backup your website and forget about it.

tasks_2021_2xLow Requirements

Websites powered by HTML do not require external servers same as MySQL and PHP. They can simply run on cheaper servers having lower resources.

Disadvantages of Static HTML

tasks_2021_2xNot easy to update

Unless you are a programmer or have knowledge about HTML or CSS, static HTML websites can be very hard to maintain and update. Every time you need to add something, you have to hire a developer who will be doing the tasks for you.

tasks_2021_2xNot Feature-rich

If you notice that your business is growing, you would definitely want to add new features like a store, gallery, survey, etc. However, for doing all these, you have to hire a developer who will in most cases recommend you to switch to WordPress for business website.


As you have to hire developers every time you need to change, edit or add something to the website, the overall cost can get much higher as compared to a website hosted by WordPress.

Benefits of Static HTML vs WordPress Sites

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that allows users to manage and control their websites using a user-friendly interface. You can monitor and change everything on your website from an admin area which is simple to use and understand even for non-technical personnel. In the market, there are hundreds of CMSs, however, WordPress is considered the best because it powers about 26% of all the websites on the internet.

Now, let us take a glance at the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress Website Development.

Benefits of using WordPress for Business Website

tasks_2021_2xWordPress websites can be updated easily

Adding new features and content to your website is quite simple and you can do it without paying your developer. WordPress is simple and has an intuitive user interface. This makes it easier for website owners to create or update their websites.

tasks_2021_2xHundreds of Professional Templates

In WordPress, you will find hundreds of ready-made templates which you can directly use for your website. These themes have been developed by professional website designers from different corners of the world

tasks_2021_2xWordPress is extremely powerful

The user can easily extend the website features using multiple plugins. By adding plugins to your website you can add various functionality like adding a photo gallery, contact information, ticket system, and many more.

tasks_2021_2xComplete control and ownership of their websites

You will have full control of your website, domain name, and all the contacts. You can edit any information whenever you want and there is no limit to the number of images or content you add to your website to increase popularity, traffic, sales, and the number of users.

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Disadvantages of using WordPress for Business Website


The user will be directly responsible for maintaining their websites using WordPress. They have to install and add plugins and change the theme according to the day and the trend.

tasks_2021_2xLearning Curve

WordPress is definitely easier to use than the rest of the website development platforms, however, beginners may take time to get accustomed to the software and the user interface. Hence, you need plenty of time to learn WordPress.


Now, as you have understood Static HTML vs WordPress Sites, it will be easier for you to understand which one is good for your business website.  If you are certain that you won’t change the website content at all, you can go for static HTML websites. Though, you can go for both Static HTML vs WordPress which also depends on the business requirements. However, if you regularly want to update, change and add information to your website, you must go for WordPress.

Advantages & Disadvantages of website

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