Scheduled Products Under APEDA

Non-basmati rice exports increase to Rs 26,058 cr during April-Jan

Non-basmati rice exports

Non-basmati rice exports in India had been increased to Rs.26,000 crore from April to January, the financial year 2020-2021. It was confirmed by the Indian Commerce Ministry on Thursday. In this article, we will discuss the notification on Non-basmati exports Notification on Non-basmati rice exports The Indian Commerce Ministry confirmed that Non- basmati rice exports … Read more

Scheduled Products Under APEDA

Scheduled Products Under Apeda

As we know, APEDA is an Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority which is the organization of the government founded in 1985. Also, it aids to provide financial assistance, proper guidelines towards the extension of the scheduled product. In this article, we will discuss the Scheduled Products Under APEDA. Know about APEDA Registration … Read more