Taliban Stops Imports-Export from India

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On Wednesday the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO) claimed that the Taliban – again after more than two decades – cancelled all imports and exports to India, taking control of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul. This is important news and can impact the prices of dry fruits. In this article, we will discuss the latest news as the Taliban stops Imports-Export from India in detail.

Taliban Stops Imports-Export from India

The Taliban has halted moving cargo via Pakistan’s transit routes, therefore halting export, imports from the nation.

Furthermore, Dr. Ajay Sahai – Director (FIEO) states that  “We monitor developments in Afghanistan closely. Imports arrive from Afghanistan via Pakistan’s transit route. The Taliban have already stopped cargo transportation to Pakistan. As a result, the imports have essentially ceased to India too.”

Impact on Import-Export Business as Taliban took over Kabul

The FIEO has stated that dry fruit prices in India may rise in the near future as the country imports around 85 percent of these goods from Afghanistan.

FIEO’s Director General stated India not only is one of Afghanistan’s biggest trading partners, but it also has a substantial investment in Afghanistan. Some 400 initiatives are already underway, he adds.

Director General of FIEO said India exports to Afghanistan various commodities such as sugar, medicines, clothing, tea, coffee and spices.

India also imports gum and onion from Afghanistan. Thus, stopping import-export may also affect the prices of onions.

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