Taxpayers Can Do Income Tax Returns Filing At Post Office

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Now you do not have to waste your time going to the income tax office, as the government of India has launched a new website and service center for it. Ministry of finance officials released a statement that Taxpayers can do income tax returns filing at Post Office.

The initiatives will help the individual and business people to not get worried about ITR Filing as the service is available in your nearby Indian post offices now.

Common Services Centre in All Indian Post office

The government of India is ready to launch new CSC counters for ITR filing such as personal, business documents, etc. CSC counter will serve as an information provider to people on behalf of the digital India program to offer benefits and services. Moreover, it aims to make government schemes more effective and have single-point access for banking, insurance, and postal services.

The Ministry of finance also planned to install e-centers or call centers for better taxpayer queries to give out things like a live agent, chatbox, user manual, videos, Some FAQ.

Other Relevent Services in post office

PPF accounts

As we mentioned earlier, you can get ITR benefits in your postal office. The initial one is Provident Public Funds (PPF)accounts. PPF scheme is for longtime investors in 15 years.

Time Deposit Accounts

TDA services are available in the postal office for five years; you need only 200 rupees to open up the account of time deposit. The time deposit scheme gives 7.4 % of the interest rate of your deposited money under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961.

National Savings Certificates (NSC) in all Indian Postal Office

National Savings Certificates is another scheme for the opening amount of just a hundred rupees and no limits for deposit the money. If you invest some money that is 500 rupees for an entire year, then you will get an interest rate of 7.6% from your deposited money. Payable at your maturity time, and this scheme runs under section 80C of the IT Act.

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) in Indian Postal Office

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme can open a balance of 1000 rupees and a maximum limit of 15 lakhs. Senior saving scheme likely to be available in months end of March, September, December. The maturity payment of money will release the time you deposited money with an interest of 8.3% per annum.

Sukanya Sam Riddhi Accounts

Sukanya Sam Riddhi Accounts is a special savings scheme for girl children and can be openable in 1000 rupees with certain eligibility is required. Sukanya Sam Riddhi scheme fits for girl children of 10 years old with legal guardians who can open an account and accounts completely closed when the girl attains the age of 21. The 8.1% is the interest rate for Sukanya Sam Riddhi, in which the amount is calculated every year. Guardian can withdraw 50% of the money if the daughter’s age is 18.

Income Tax Department issues refunds worth Thousand Crores till 5th July

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