Trademark Registration for Tobacco and Smoking Products: Trademark class 34

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The first thing that sets you apart from the competition is a Trademark for a new business or organisation. Trademarks are well-known for playing an important role in the success of any company because trademarks have multiple advantages. It can, for example, help you create brand recognition, gain consumer trust, and protect your company’s brand at a low cost. In this article, we will talk about Trademark Class 34, which pertains to Tobacco and Smoking Products’ business.

Know About the Trademarks

The word “trademark” has become increasingly common in a broad context to refer to both trademarks and service marks. You can use a name or a combination of words, letters, numerals, drawings, symbols, three-dimensional features such as the shape and packaging of goods, and non-visible signs such as sounds and fragrances or colour shade, etc., for Trademark Registration.

A trademark helps in identifying a product or service. It has a significant sign that is confiscated to differentiate a particular trader’s product or service from others. It also serves to protect the brand name from being tarnished by competitors.

After obtaining trademark registration, trademark applicants may begin using the TM symbol for their brand.

The following documents are required for trademark registration.

  • Signed Form 48
  • Aadhar card, visa, or PAN card of the Trademark owner
  • Incorporation certificate and Logo, if any.
  • Address proof of the Trademark Owner.

Understand the Importance of Trademark Registration

Following are the most significant points of having Trademarks.

  • Trademark Registration is important for various reasons, including Trademarks, which help you distinguish your products and services from competitors. They allow people to recognize you as the source.
  • Trademark helps in defining a consistent level of a wide variety of goods and services.
    Trademarks help businesses create the trust that is difficult to eliminate.
  • Organizations may also benefit from selling or offering trademark use contracts.
  • Besides, Trademark registration gives your goods or services legal rights when it comes to branding.

 Types of Trademark classes

We use Trademark Classes to distinguish different products and services easily. Moreover, Trademark registration is divided into 45 categories based on the essence of the listed products and services. Each class necessitates a particular form of trademark registration.

As a result, this list is of approximately 80,000 products and services divided into Goods Classes and Services Classes.

Know about the complete list of 45 Trademark Classes.

Now, let’s read about Trademark Class 34.

Trademark Class 34

Tobacco, smoking papers, and matches fall under Trademark Class 34. It also refers to Tobacco alternatives (not for medical purposes).

Goods come under Trademark Class 34

Following are some products which come under this trademark class.

  • chewing tobacco
  • cigar cutters and cases
  • cigar holders and cigarette tips
  • cigarette filters and cases
  • cigarettes containing tobacco substitutes, not for medical purposes
  • cigarettes and cigarillos
  • firestones and lighters for smokers
  • liquid nicotine solutions for use in electronic cigarettes
  • matches and mouthpieces for cigarette holders
  • oral vaporizers for smokers and pipe cleaners for tobacco pipes
  • pipe racks for tobacco pipes
  • snuff and snuff boxes
  • tobacco and tobacco pouches
  • tobacco pipes and tobacco jars

Goods not coming under Trademark Class 32

Following are the goods that are not considered under this trademark class.

  • Cigarettes without tobacco for medical purposes and Beverages for medical purposes.
  • Medicinal beverages and Beer and De-alcoholized beverages
  • De-alcoholized beverages.
  • And any other products relating to other trademark classes.

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