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Non-Governmental Organization refers to a group that is not run for profit but rather serves a greater good. In India, establishing an NGO follows the same rules as incorporating a regular company. Articles concerning companies registering trademarks for their names or logos, or engaging in legal battles over them, appear often in the news. Given this surge in interest, you may be confused about whether or not your nonprofit needs a trademark. You can read this article to find all about the trademark registration for NGO to understand and clear all your confusion.

Typically, one uses the terms “brand” or “logo” interchangeably when discussing a Trademark. A trademark can be registered for anything from the company name to a memorable slogan or catchphrase. In other words, A trademark is a symbolically represented phrase, device, name, numeral, or label used to set apart one’s ideas, products, or services from those of competitors and to increase brand awareness, loyalty, and sales.

With the right kind of care and marketing, a Trademark may become a company’s most valuable asset. Brand names like Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Nike, and Adidas not only indicate where a product was made, but also its reliability and durability.

Thus, Trademark registration under the Trademarks Act for the company name is also crucial. Just because you’ve company registration  or business name with the Companies Act doesn’t mean you’re safe from others using the same or similar name.

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Importance of Trademark Registration for NGO

To assist the general public in recognise their organization, several well-known charities have registered trademarks. The American Red Cross is a good example because it possesses trademarks for both its name and its distinctive red cross logo.

Furthermore, the Registration of a trademark grants the owner or NGO an exclusive legal use of the trademarked sign, logo, or mark in connection with the registered activities or trade. Companies and organizations can register their trademarks for a wide range of goods and services, but only in specific categories or classes.

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Benefits of Trademark Registration for NGO

  • Trademarks are designed to uniquely identify products, services, businesses, and organizations, making trademark registration obligatory in today’s digital age.
  • The primary advantage is that it gives the trademark holder the right to sue other businesses or organizations that are using a similar trademark without permission. There have been a number of cases when rivals or fake NGOs have engaged in dishonorable practises to get an advantage.
  • The Indian Penal Code provides a legal mechanism for the registered corporation to pursue legal action against the key competitor copying your trademark.
  • The second perk is that it’s a vital method of increasing consumer confidence. People would join or donate only to those NGOs who are trustworthy. Trademark Registration helps in building this trust.
  •  Trademark registration safeguards goods and services from counterfeiters.
  • Lastly, trademark registration aids in product promotion. Because of this, people  are more likely to be attracted and engage with your NGO.

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