Security wing of UP Police Gets ISO certification

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The Security Wing of UP Police has made a great example by achieving ISO Certification. The department has brought accolades and new updates to their security system. The impact of achieving ISO Certification will last long and help the police as well as the general public. In this article, we will read about the latest update as the Security wing of UP police Gets ISO Certification.

ADG on Security wing of UP police Gets ISO certification

The UP Police Department of Security, which provides security covers to dignitaries and critical facilities, has brought laurels to the state police. This was achieved by implementing International standards of operation and obtaining an ISO certificate, said UP assistant director general (ADG) of police, security, Binod Kumar Singh.

Furthermore, implementing the ISO Standards and rigorous training will improve the work of its staff.

Key Highlights of UP Police Achieving ISO Certification

Singh said the Security Department continues to update its worldwide standards through the establishment of a new indoor composite firing range for safety staff training. He stated that the new driving simulator for routine drivers and new bomb squad teams and sabotage control teams had been established. He said that there were also 35 more bullet-proof cars in the pipeline and other contemporary security equipment.

He said in addition to building 10 new bomber detection and disposal teams (BDDS), the 26 existing teams were facing difficulties meeting demands, especially as many other vital plants had arrived over the past years. He claimed that to meet the growing challenge in the future they will also acquire a new flotilla of 35 bulletproofed vehicles costing approximately Rs 35 crores.

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“The international certification is an outstanding achievement because lately the Security Department was involved in security arrangements for President Ram Nath Kovind’s three-day Uttar Pradesh tour and four recent state visits by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. What is ISO 9001:2015 Certification?

ISO 9001 certification is a universally accomplished quality management standard, utilized by institutions all over the world to standardize and improve the service given to consumers. The standard has been used across all districts of the industry but is more common in some than others. Also, it helps in several objectives –

  • Enormous stress on the responsibility of top-level management.
  • Adequate evaluation of intimidations & opportunities in a systematic and farsighted way.
  • Use of modest but comprehensive that covers various administration systems
  • A more productive method for higher quality management.

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