What are the contents of an idea-stage startup pitch deck?

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Most business owners understand that they need to wow investors with a compelling pitch if they ever hope to see their ventures take off. In a nutshell, a startup’s pitch deck aids investors in identifying promising deals that present minimal danger for their money. Startups at the “idea stage” really need funding in order to move on with their plans, create prototypes, and expand their operations. How, therefore, would one bring about such outcomes in one’s enterprise? The answer is pitch deck for startup. Learn all about the contents of an idea-stage pitch deck through this article.

What exactly is an Idea-Stage Startup?

Having a compelling idea is the first step in starting any venture or business. The notion or idea should be useful in resolving an issue already present in the market. During the concept stage, also known as the idea-stage, an entrepreneur investigates the viability of a product or service based on a particular idea. The Idea-Stage Startup goes through the following steps to become a working startup:

  • Make sure the concept either addresses a pressing problem or significantly enhances a current approach.
  • Recognize your competitors’ distributors and intended consumers. Think about who you’re up against in the market, and figure out how you can set yourself apart.
  • Creating, preparing, and submitting the appropriate paperwork and achieving legal compliance and legal registration such as GST Registration and Company Incorporation are essential steps in establishing and maintaining a functional corporate structure.
  • Developing a memorable brand name and protecting it through Trademark Registration is the next and important step for gaining brand recognition and repeat business.
  • The final step for an entrepreneur is to pitch his idea or concept to potential investors and secure funding to expand the firm. You can also get Startup India Seed Funding or Business Loan at this stage.

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Essential Contents that you need to cover in Idea-Stage Pitch Deck


This slide highlights the magnitude of the market problem and the value of your solution. Meaning you’re meeting high demand with a high-quality offering.

USP of Your Product

The USP presentation for your items demonstrates that your company does not engage in copycat behavior. Here, you may use storytelling in a pitch deck to highlight your company’s distinguishing features and the reasons why clients prefer your offerings to those of the competition.

Vision of the Company

You should use the Company Vision slide to briefly describe the purpose of your company. Also, it needs to briefly describe the issue that needs fixing and how your company can help in the long term.

How your Business Model beats the Competition

Knowledge of the competition and the advantages your business has over the competition are two of the most crucial points to emphasize when presenting your company to potential investors. Competitive markets scare off most investors. That’s why it’s crucial to demonstrate your company’s unique selling proposition and explain how your products and services outperform the competition.

The target audience or ideal customer of your business

Use the Market Validation/Target Audience slide to talk about any customer surveys or test runs you’ve done as a result of selling your product or service. You need to convince investors that there is a sizable market for your product or service and that narrowing in on that market was a strategic move. You may also use this section to showcase a marketing slide that highlights your best qualities and how they will help you keep consumers.

Revenue Model of your business

A revenue model slide is a one-slide summary of your business strategy or an explanation of how your company makes money. The purpose of the revenue model slide is to display the varied and steady ways in which your company generates revenue.

Traction of your Business

Using the aforementioned presentations, you have successfully demonstrated to your investors the magnitude of the issue at hand. Now you must use numbers to prove that the solution you propose has merit. The success of your business may be demonstrated via the use of traction slides, which feature visuals and infographics to show how your sales or pre-bookings are increasing. Furthermore, emphasize the tremendous growth and financial rewards that may result from achieving market dominance. Make an effort to include both a top-down and a bottom-up strategy.

Need for the Funding and the Amount Required

Finally, mention how much you need and your projected earnings over the following five years.

Investors may be introduced to and become acquainted with your team(if any) with the help of a startup pitch deck team slide.

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Important Tips to keep in mind while creating a Pitch Deck for an Idea-Stage Startup

  • To increase the effectiveness of your pitch deck, you should strive to develop a prototype or proof of concept.
  • If you’re making a real product, it’s smart to secure a patent (even if just provisional) before you pitch.
  • Create a business plan and forecast your revenues for the next five years before approaching a venture capitalist.
  • Make sure the tale you tell them is one they can’t stop talking about and will attract more investors.
  • In the startup pitch deck template you’re using, be sure to address investors’ worries about the market, the product, and the execution.
  • Get Pitch deck consulting services in India if you are confused about anything.


The founders of early-stage startups often believe that creating compelling pitch decks is a straightforward process. It takes a lot of trial and error to select the correct deck; there is no foolproof method. That’s why consultation with Pitch Deck experts is necessary and you can get it for free at: 8881-069-069.

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How to sell your story through your pitch deck in india

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