What is Business Name Registration Process in India

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Business Name Registration or Registering a Business is commonly used interchangeably.  It’s important for every entrepreneur to secure the business name. There are basically two ways to do so. One is through Business Name Registration or Business Registration and the other one is Trademark Registration. This article will be beneficial for new entrepreneurs looking to start their business and want to have a unique business name while protecting it too.

What is Business Name Registration in India?

Business Name is the legal name of the entity that you corporate. It can be separate from the brand and is used for tax registration, bank accounts and other legal business operations. Business name registration is also known as Company Name Registration and is an important process under Company Formation.

It is important to note that there is a difference between Business Name Registration and Brand Name Registration. The difference between the two is as follows:

Difference between Business Name Registration and Brand Name Registration

Business Name Registration Brand Name Registration
If you are unsure about the legal form of a business entity that you want, you need to register a business name first so that you can use it later. For Sole Proprietorship Registration, business name registration becomes a must as sole proprietorship are not registered in any other way and don’t have business name protection. Brand Name Registration is essential for every business as it provides protection from other competitors misusing your branding.
You get business registration automatically when you register a company with ROC in India. Brand Name Registration is not provided to you automatically. You need to apply for Brand Name Registration through Trademark Registration.
Here, you need to apply to Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Here you need to apply to the Intellectual Property Department of India.
Business Name Registration has strong rules and regulations and only text names can be registered. Through Trademark Registration, you can have brand name registration in the form of a logo as well.
After business name registration under company registration, you will get a separate PAN Card of the business entity in the name of business registered. You will get a Trademark Registration Certificate after successful Brand Name Registration.

As you can see the business name and brand name both are important. Therefore, it’s always best to get business name suggestions from experts.

Why is Business Name Suggestion Important?

Business Name Suggestion or Brand Name Suggestion is important because most often it makes the first impression of your business.

Not having a professional and attractive business name will result in failure to attract the right audience. Furthermore, people will not be able to remember your business and generate emotional bonding.

After you get business name suggestions from experts, your business can continue to thrive and build a solid reputation in the market.

You must note that it is also important to secure your business name or branding through Trademark Registration.

Why is it important to have Trademark Registration for Businesses?

Trademark Registration allows you to become the sole owner of your branding or business name. As a result, no other business competitor can use the same name or misuse your branding for defamation.

Similarly, Trademark Registration allows you to make your branding a valuable asset that will continue to give you high returns.

Lastly, Trademark Registration is not restricted to business names only. You can get trademark registration for variety of forms of branding such as- Logo Designing, sounds, shapes, certification marks etc.

Stepwise Business Name Registration Process in India

  • Choose a suitable and unique name that indicates the main objects of the company.
  • Check that no other business is using the same business name registration  on the web portal of MCA (Check Company Name)  and Intellectual Property Department’s website (IPIndia public search).
  • File an application to the concerned RoC through eForm1 A and pay the government fees.
  • Get the approval and apply for Company Registration.

In case you don’t get the approval for your business name registration, you need to apply again using a fresh application.

How to Register a Company in India

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