What key concepts are needed in a pitch deck for a tech startup

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It takes a long time and a lot of effort to get money from investors. Therefore, a startup’s investor presentation deck must be engaging and fascinating in order to attract the attention of potential investors. There are certain key concepts that must be included in a pitch deck for a tech startup. You can learn about these key concepts of a pitch deck for a tech startup through this article.

What is a Pitch Deck for a Tech Startup?

Startups often create a “pitch deck” so that they may showcase their business to potential investors. These 15-20 presentation slides are used as an introduction of the firm’s technical advancements, concepts and processes as well as its management team to potential investors.

What is a Pitch Deck’s Purpose for a Tech Startup?

A pitch deck is designed to arouse investors’ interest, if not outright enthusiasm, in a firm, resulting in a second meeting and the possibility of an investment conversation. Thus, a  pitch deck’s purpose is to be an important tool in attracting investment for a startup.

List of Key Concepts to include in a Pitch Deck for a Tech Startup

Though each pitch deck template is unique, there are a few key elements that should be included in yours.

tasks_2021_2xProblem in the Current Market

Successful entrepreneurs have developed products or services that address the needs of their target customers. This slide may be used to discuss the problem you’re trying to solve and the benefits your intended solution will provide for customers. Investors will have a better knowledge of your company, sector, and fundraising ambitions if you create a straightforward and relevant narrative in this slide.

tasks_2021_2xModel for generating revenue or business plan

The next step is to explain how your product or service earns money. Inquire as to how much you charge and who foots the cost. For other organizations, such as content sites, advertising pays the bills rather than consumers, thus it’s vital to go into further depth here.  So you must clearly know the multiple ways on how your tech startup earns money.

You should also mention how your pricing strategy helps you in beating the competition.

tasks_2021_2xYour Startup’s Vision

Vision drives a startup’s strength. This section should be used to discuss your company’s general objective. Keep it short and to the point. A one-sentence synopsis is also appropriate many times.

tasks_2021_2xFinancial Health

Investors often want to assess a company’s financial health. Therefore, you must mention it in your pitch deck for startup. Important data to include is monthly sales, predicted growth, income statements, margins etc. Furthermore, you should try to represent this data in the form of infographics or other visual representations.  Virtual CFO Services in India will be beneficial for you to calculate and make a strong point of your strong financial health.

tasks_2021_2xYour Business Competitors

One of the most common blunders made by company entrepreneurs is claiming that they have no competitors. There is always a rival for every new company. This section should focus on other businesses in the market. You need to know what your rivals are up to. And what exactly is wrong with them? Prove to investors why your startup’s product or service is better.

tasks_2021_2xAmount of Investment that you are seeking

Finalize your startup pitch deck by describing in detail how much money that you need and for what purpose will it be used to help your business expand. Your startup’s deck should include a section titled “Ask.” It’s important to back up this figure with evidence and expert opinions. This slide should seem logical to the investors and also prove to them that your idea or venture is worth investing.

Important Section For Tech Startup Pitch Deck


The above mentioned are some of the important key concepts for a tech startup that you must know. If you want to know more such important concepts for a pitch deck for startup, it’s best that you consult our experts.

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