Who should obtain APEDA registration?

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The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is a government organization founded in 1985 by an act to develop and promote scheduled product exports. It helps fund the research and development of mandated items by providing data and recommendations. Any business that intends to export goods covered by the APEDA Act must first register as an exporter of “scheduled items”. Know all about APEDA Registration through this article.

What is APEDA?

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is a government organization with the mission is to increase the export of scheduled goods, and it does so by performing a number of different tasks in accordance with guidelines from the government. Rules and regulations for the effective administration of the APEDA Act are established by the central government and carried out by this agency.

Tasks of APEDA

  • Production and growth of the Scheduled items with an eye on export promotion
  • Inputting the required parameters for the planned goods
  • Registration of exporters of listed items upon payment of applicable costs
  • Enhancing the Promotion and Packaging of Scheduled Items
  • Conducting product inspections to guarantee high-quality output.
  • Instruction in the several enterprises that produce the planned goods
  • Creating new businesses that produce planned goods and doing related research (such as surveys, feasibility studies, etc.)
  • Obtaining data from business owners and publishing it

Who will need to apply for APEDA Registration?

Every exporter whether merchant or manufacturer of scheduled goods that are mentioned below will need to apply for APEDA Registration:

  1. Fruits, Vegetables and their Products.
  2. Meat and Meat Products
  3. Poultry and Poultry Products.
  4. Dairy Products.
  5. Confectionery, Biscuits and Bakery Products.
  6. Honey, Jaggery and Sugar Products.
  7. Cocoa and its products, chocolates of all kinds.
  8. Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages.
  9. Cereal and Cereal Products.
  10. Groundnuts, Peanuts and Walnuts.
  11. Pickles, Papads and Chutneys.
  12. Guar Gum.
  13. Floriculture and Floriculture Products.
  14. Herbal and Medicinal Plants.

In addition, you will also need to get APEDA Registration if you import sugar.

What documents are required for APEDA Registration?

  • Duly signed an application form
  • Copy of Import-Export code issued by D.G.F.T.
  • Bank Certificate duly signed by the authorities
  • Bank A/c. statement of the bank account of the firm (for latest 2 months)
  • Canceled cheque

Benefits of Apeda Registration

The following are some of the advantages that will accrue to the agri-exporter upon completing online APEDA Registration:

  • The export of scheduled items requires an active APEDA registration. As a result, get access to export agricultural goods through APEDA Registration.
  • The APEDA Exporter Directory is where companies may be listed. Potential buyers might approach you for product inquiries.
  • A registered exporter having APEDA RCMC Registration  has the option to purchase Export Leads from the Agri-Exchange Portal.
  • APEDA provides a wide variety of financial aid programmes for exporters. For example, There are several Benefits of APEDA Financial Assistance scheme for businesses having APEDA Registration.
  • It aids exporters in promoting their brands via advertising, better packaging, database upgrades, and analytics, etc..
  • APEDA-registered members may improve their businesses by funding training sessions for APEDA-scheduled items.

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APEDA Registration is mandatory and legal registration that exporters of scheduled goods as per APEDA Act must obtain in order to conduct their business. There are several benefits of APEDA Registration which exporters can claim. If you as an exporter wish to take advantages of APEDA’s various schemes, ventures, etc. you can get APEDA Registration through contacting our experts at 8881-069-069.

All about the APEDA RCMC Registration

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