Advantages Of ISO 14001 Certification For Shipping Companies

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All the humans and species living on the earth or in water, have the right to inhale fresh air and live in a non-toxic environment. But just for the sake of some convenience, humankind is stepping back to prevent mother nature and the environment from toxic gases and wastage. Considering this huge problem, the ISO has created some rules under 14001 certification for shipping companies. In this article, we will understand the advantages of ISO 14001 Certification For Shipping Companies.

The ISO 14001 certification can help the manufacturers and shipping transportation companies to take care of the environment by following the proper guidelines of the Environmental Management System (EMS). The ISO Certification also offers several benefits to companies.

What is ISO 14001 certification?

ISO 14001 certification was first created by the International Standard Organization for the manufacturing and shipping companies with a dream to keep a healthy environment on the earth.

The prime focus of 14001 certifications was helping the organization and its employees to understand the life cycle of our limited resources like water and energy. Further, the 14000 sets of the family guide the companies to analyze the Environmental Management System (EMS) and take the needful action to prevent it from hazardous chemicals, gases, and other things.

With the time, 14001 ISO certifications for shipping companies upgraded after considering the current environment scenario and launched the updated ISO 14001 certification in 2015.

Benefits of 14001 certifications for shipping companies

When the packages are delivered from one place to another around the world through a marine line, it possesses several stages. During the operation, the ships come across many situations, like;

  • Sounds offer noise pollution.
  • Sewage & release of garbage – invites water pollution.
  • The released greenhouse gases invite air pollution.
  • If a ship collides with sea species, it can lose its life.
  • The release of chemicals can harm or damage marine life.

Apart from the given list, there are several other consequences marine life faces every day. But if you are getting ISO 14001 certification for your organization, or shipping company, you can manage your business without harming the beautiful creatures living life under the sea.

With ISO 14001 certification, you will get several advantages.

Here are some Pros of getting 14001 certifications;

  •  You can do better management of your limited resources.
  • Follow the standard technique to recycle waste materials.
  • Helping to preserve the environment from getting damaged.
  • Gain the confidence to increase your business reach with corporates, stakeholders, and other big guns.
  • Opportunities to start new business utilizing the waste materials.
  • Respect the legal obligations by adhering to the standards of EMS.
  • Deliver environment-friendly products and packaging to the customer.
  • Get customer trust to expand the business by supporting nature.
  • Learn the way to improve the environmental impact in an organized way.
  • Better relationship with local authorities for smooth operations with flawless legal permits, licenses, and other documentation.
  • Lead to reduce environmental toxins and risks to water species.
  • Be in demand to match the needs of the competitive market.
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Who is eligible for ISO Certification 14001?

ISO 14001 is one of the most popular certifications followed by ISO 9001 worldwide. Regardless of the nature and size of the business, any organization, or even an individual can apply to get ISO 14001 certification.

Doesn’t matter, if you are working in the product selling or services offering sector, you can avail of 14001 ISO to support the nature and environment by following the EMS standards.

How to get ISO certification in India?

To get registered for 14001 ISO certification, you need to follow around 7-8 steps that include learning about 14001 standards, review & analysis of the scenario, planning, documentation, implementation, and more.

We can understand that going through these all stages would be a tiresome task. So, we the E-Startup India are here to guide you in getting 14001 certifications with minimal effort.

Closing Thoughts

If you are running a manufacturing unit or shipping company, you must apply for 14001 ISO certification to better manage the waste materials and recycle them as much as possible.

The people who are dealing with shipping companies or used to export or import materials through the marine line, must not ignore to follow all the guidelines needed to keep a friendly environment.

Once you apply and get the  ISO certification in Delhi, India, you will be abided by the EMS guidelines created by ISO (International Standard Organization) to help you manage the product life cycle without harming the beautiful & natural creatures.

Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification for Waste Management

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