APEDA and NAFED sign MOU to help Exporters and Cooperatives

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An APEDA and NAFED sign MOU to facilitate registered exporters to get help under several authority schemes. It helps exporters and cooperatives sell their goods worldwide or build capability.

The initial areas of cooperation, according to MoU, involve helping APEDA registered exporters get help under all authorities of India. Moreover, the MoU aims to ensure the long-lasting feasibility or expansion of collaborative exports by addressing anxiety. Like Skill, High-quality products, technology, and market access.

Cooperative efforts among APEDA and NAFED

APEDA is registered under the ministry of commerce. NAFED is registering under the MultiState Collaborative communities act. Both support engaging agricultural collaboratives to better the Agri product quality or cost realization of the farmer.

Moreover, Exports by collaboratives, partners, FPOs, and affiliates nominated or promoted by NAFED will create easier. Both NAFED or APEDA would create it easy for farmers’ collaboratives to take part in worldwide trade.

With the addition of this, MoU calls for help in bettering the capability of collaborative communities or SHGs for the environment and social compliance. Both associations will arrange consciousness initiatives, workshops, or skill growth programs at the state, regional or national levels.

NAFED and APEDA joined together

Both organizations have committed to act closely jointly to ensure the long-lasting development of clusters in many states. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Chadha, Chairman of APEDA, running director of NAFED, signed MoU. More so, the MoU signed intending to combine the experience of both associations. Also, both working together to synergize efforts in agriculture interest and regarded sectors to give the best value to the stakeholder.

Furthermore, NAFED is creating a honey FPO network across Punjab, Jammu, Kashmir, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. The honey corridor that would operate from northwest to northeast direction would involve around sixty-five FPOs.

It can conclude that Both APEDA and NAFED sign MOU to help Exporters and Cooperatives. The MoU entails giving help towards capability building of collaborative communities. It also gives a lot of benefits to all individuals and businesses. It not only promotes the growth of Export infrastructure but also offers financial support.

APEDA organises meet in Varanasi to boost agricultural exports

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