Business activity allowed in Abu Dhabi Airport UAE Free Zone

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If you are planning to register a company in Abu Dhabi and start a business in Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) then this free zone area will be good for your business. Let’s find out what kind of business activities are actually allowed in Abu Dhabi?


Activities Taking Off in Abu Dhabi Airport UAE Free Zone (ADAFZ)

ADAFZ is focused on making the area around Abu Dhabi International Airport a busy and lively place. Here’s a list of the main types of businesses they encourage:

  • Aviation Businesses:

    • Airlines: If you have your own airline, ADAFZ can be your home base.
    • Aircraft Maintenance: Keeping an airplane’s maintenance and Repair refers to the activities involved in keeping aircraft in safe and operational condition.
    •  Ground Handling Services: These companies make a perfect team of employees to ensure that everything, from security checks to baggage handling to flight scheduling, goes well.
    • Logistics Companies: Moving cargo and other goods around the world is essential for aviation. Logistics companies that handle air freight.
  • Aerospace

    • Manufacturing: Companies that make airplanes or airplanes mechanical parts, spaceships, and other flying machines can set up business here.
    • Research and Development (R&D): If you are into flying technologies and want to do research on spaceships or aircrafts then ADAFZ will support your innovative ideas in the field of aerospace.
  • Defense (with approvals): Companies that supply and maintain equipment for defense purposes can also operate in ADAFZ, but there might be some additional approvals required.
  • Keeping the Airport Running Smoothly: Airport Services
    • Catering: If your business provides food for airlines, ADAFZ can be a good location.
    • Security Services: Ensuring safety at the airport is important.
    • Waste Management: Every airport needs a company to handle waste disposal efficiently.

Beyond the Runway: Expanding the Zone

While aviation is the main of ADAFZ, there’s more activities to this free zone:

  • Logistics & Cargo:

    • Warehousing: The companies that store goods in warehouses.
    • Freight Forwarding: These businesses help in moving cargo and goods.
    • Distribution Centers: These companies help to distribute goods to various locations around the globe.
    • International Trade: Companies involved in international trade can benefit from operating in ADAFZ.
  • Information Technology & Telecommunication:

    • Data Centers: If your business deals with storing and managing large amounts of data, ADAFZ can be a good choice.
    • IT Services: Companies that offer IT solutions and support to other businesses are welcome.
    • Telecommunication Solutions: Providing telecommunication services like internet or phone connections can be a valuable addition to the zone.

Other Supporting Industries:

A few other types of businesses can operate in ADAFZ as long as they support the overall ecosystem:

  • Light Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consultancy Services
  • Trading Businesses (with limitations)
  • Marketing & Events

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