Collaboration of APEDA with Indian embassy: To Boost food products exports

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The collaboration of APEDA with the Indian embassy is a positive move by APEDA to boost food product exports. In the past few months, APEDA has organized various events for promoting the export business in India. These events have been working successfully. For example, APEDA facilitates jackfruit exports from Tripura to the UK, India starts exporting GI-certified Jalgaon bananas to Dubai, etc.

Therefore, APEDA is taking another major step by collaborating with Indian Embassy. In this article, we will read about the APEDA, its collaboration with Indian Embassy, APEDA Registration, and its benefits.

Why Collaboration of APEDA

The Food Export Development Authority of Agricultural and Processed Products (APEDA) was established in 1985 by the Indian government to promote and expand scheduled exports of commodities. The statutory body is mainly responsible for encouraging the export of scheduled items from India, among other things. If an individual or company wants to begin an export business, he or she has to get an APEDA Registration.

know Scheduled Products Under APEDA

Collaboration of APEDA with Indian embassy – Highlights

APEDA organized a virtual buyer-seller meet (VBSM) with Algeria to boost agricultural and processed food product exports. It was possible due to the collaboration of APEDA with the Indian Embassy. Consequently, the major stakeholders in the agricultural value chains from both countries participated in the meet.

The prospect of increased exports of Indian Geographical Indications (GI) recognized agricultural goods was addressed at the VBSM with trade and government representatives from Algeria. During the discussion was held on the export potential of grains, animal products, non-basmati, and basmati rice, etc. into Algeria.

Officials say that in the VBSM, More than 100 participants, including exporters, processors, and traders of agricultural commodities from India and Algeria, participated with full enthusiasm.

APEDA Registration and its benefits

It is mandatory to get APEDA Registration in India for carrying out the export of agricultural products. Moreover, there are considerable advantages to having APEDA registration. The following are some of the most significant.

  • Financial support, knowledge, and assistance for exporting and manufacturing pre-programmed products.
  • The Registration also provides a range of training courses. It helps businesses enhance their business.
  • It also allows attending training sessions overseen by APEDA in various traits of the industries connected with the Scheduled Products.
  • Equally important, APEDA Registration is a one-time process that is valid for five years.
  • APEDA helps in the marketing of the products as well. As a result, The highlighted firms of the APEDA Exporter directory discover new customers quickly.

In conclusion, Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, APEDA could not physically organize the export development meetings. Therefore, APEDA is organizing several virtual meets to facilitate exporters in India. The exporters in India must get APEDA Registration as soon as possible to avail of similar benefits.

APEDA facilitates jackfruit exports from Tripura to the UK

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