Alarming Condition of COVID-19 in Mumbai and Delhi

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Currently, the alarming Condition of COVID-19 in Mumbai & Delhi is apprehensive for the whole nation.

Delhi and Mumbai – two of the most prominent and happening metro cities are screwed up because of the Coronavirus pandemic and every individual is praying to get rid of this as soon as possible. Also, the government is trying its best to invent a vaccine to fight with Coronavirus. 


Current Condition of COVID-19 in Mumbai and Delhi

The condition of coronavirus in Mumbai is not so good, the cases are still increasing and the condition of coronavirus in Delhi is still not improved. Though we all are keeping ourselves quarantined it seems like the worst is still to arrive.

Not only Maharashtra and Delhi but other states such as Gujarat, and Karnataka are also fighting with the coronavirus pandemic. Talking about the current news of Coronavirus in Delhi and Mumbai people have been shattered because of the demise of their family members. 

However, the Delhi has taken many steps to stop the spread of COVID-19 any further. Recently, Delhi is planning to convert 500 coaches into Corona isolation wards.

Delhi to convert 500 Rail Coaches into Corona Isolation Wards

With this, many other States are deciding to launch Railway Isolation Coaches.


How the Nation is Fighting?

However, the fundamental necessities have been taken in both cities but still, people are getting diagnosed with the infection. As per the condition of coronavirus in Mumbai, the Maharashtra government is working effortlessly on to control the situation.

Also, many people are coming forward to help the migrants. People, need motivation, as well as proper guidance on why staying at home, will be beneficial for them and how important it is to break the chain if 1 person is positive.

One thing that we can all do is stay home and stay safe from the deadly coronavirus.  

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Delhi to convert 500 Rail Coaches into Corona Isolation Wards

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