Delhi to convert 500 Rail Coaches into Corona Isolation Wards

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Seeing the condition of coronavirus in Delhi, the Delhi government has converted 500 Rail Coaches into Corona Isolation Wards to cure the deteriorating health of the citizens.

Delhi – the heart of incredible India is presently in a situation where death rates are increasing day by day. Not only Delhi but the entire planet is having a cold war with the deadly coronavirus and millions of people are dead in the last few months.
So far, a suitable vaccine to fight with coronavirus has not been innovated and every single day we are praying to God to help us fight and win the situation. Coming to the point, there are many people in Delhi and have been affected by coronavirus but facilities to treat them are not up to the mark.
Taking care of this, the Delhi government has decided to take a great initiative which is to turn 500 railway coaches as hospital facilities so that patients who are affected with the coronavirus can get proper treatment.

These 500 rail coaches shall be stationed at the Anand Vihar Railway Station.


Why Rail Coaches are turned into Hospitals?

In India, the coronavirus cases have crossed a number of 2 lacs and still increasing out of which Delhi is the city that is facing the worst condition compared to other states such as Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Also, the treatment cost of coronavirus test is not everyone’s cup of tea. Keeping the challenges in mind, the Indian government on Sunday declared that 500 railway coaches will get converted into hospital beds with all the necessary facilities so that it will become easier for doctors and other medical volunteers to treat affected patients and that too at a highly low cost.

The government hospitals are well-equipped to combat COVID-19. This is all due to the government’s efforts to supply them the much-required equipment like PPE kits, corona face shield, sanitizers from the suppliers on Government e-Marketplace who have GeM registration.


The benefit of rail coaches turned into Isolation wards

It has been observed that the metropolitan city is facing a shortage of beds and hence the idea of rail coaches came into the picture. The Home Minister Sh Amit Shah announced that if railway coaches will be turned into the hospital beds then around 8,000 people will get themselves treated and get rid of the virus.
We really hope that this initiative will help a lot of people at this difficult time.

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Stay Home, Stay Safe!

If you are one of those who are staying at your home and reading this news then consider yourself a lucky human being because you have no idea what is going on! People are shattered, many have lost their homes, their jobs and some are suffering from multiple types of problems.
This is the time when we all have to come together and stay united. Please do not troll people who are coming forward and helping people. Instead of spreading negativity, spread positivity and happiness, help people financially, donate food, clothes, and other necessary equipment, and just pray to god that no more cases arrive.

Though unlock 1.0 is going on, the smart decision would be to stay at home, stay hygienic, and spread happiness among people. This is what we can do in order to help our country.
Our country needs us and no one else and being the citizen of India, it should be our core responsibility to stay at home and step out only when mandatory.

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