Coronavirus Latest News: States want Railway Isolation Coaches

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As per the Coronavirus latest news, the corona cases in India are rising day by day. The Covid-19 India count of patients is nearly about three lakhs. In this article about live updates of Coronavirus, we will be looking at the current situation of Corona Cases in India and the demands of Railway Isolation Coaches by different states.


Coronavirus Latest News: Need for isolation Rail-coaches

As corona cases in India are rising exponentially, states such as Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, and Delhi want Railway Isolation Coaches.

The demand for Railway Isolation Coaches is different for all of them.

These demands are on the basis of Corona Cases in India and the individual states.

  • Delhi requests for 10 Railway Isolation Coaches from Indian Railways.
  • Telangana requests for 60 Railway Isolation Coaches from Indian Railways.
  • Uttar Pradesh(UP) requests for Railway Isolation Coaches more than compared to Delhi and Telangana. The UP requests for 240 Coaches at 24 locations across the state.

We can expect that if the Corona Cases in India rise more, other states of the country will also request the railway isolation coaches from Indian Railways.

However, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) says that COVID-19 India is still in an alarming stage, and the country is not ready for community transmission, for which chances are high.


Live update of Coronavirus in India.

Though about 147K corona cases in India are recovered, and 298K corona cases in India are confirmed by the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Maharashtra is the most infected state in India with about 97K cases confirmed. The 4 Other top most infected states in India are Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh.

As per the Coronavirus latest news, these states are still in a complete lockdown.


What’s the Solution?

There isn’t any positive news with regard to COVID 19 India. If this increase in trend continues in corona cases in India, we can see another lockdown. Hence, we must strictly follow guidelines by the government:

  • Clean Hands Often with Hand Sanitizers.
  • Maintain social distance from the sick person.
  • Try to avoid touching eyes and face.
  • Download and use the Aarogya Setu App.
  • If you see any symptoms, call and consult the medical facility immediately.
  • Stay away from Containment Zones.
  • Avoid going outside.
  • Wear Face masks and use PPE Kits.
  • Cover Cough and Sneeze.
  • Use sanitizers for cleansing surfaces made from metal.
  • Follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health Affairs.

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That’s all for the Coronavirus latest news. Stay tuned for more live updates of coronavirus.

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