Difference between Copyright and ISBN registration

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In India, It is essential for books to have copyright and an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Every book publisher should be familiar with these two separate but equally significant forms of registration. This information is essential for anybody interested in becoming a publisher or starting a book company. Thus, you will get to know about the difference between copyright and ISBN Registration in this article.

What is Copyright Registration?

Copyright registration is a form of intellectual property protection that grants a person the right to prevent others from using their work. When your work gets copyright registration, you become the sole owner. The original work cannot be copied, imitated, or reproduced in any other manner if it is copyright-protected. In India, the duration of copyright registration is 60 years.

In simple terms, copyright is a way to protect your intellectual property, like trademark registration and patent registration. Having the copyright registration makes you the legal proprietor of any and all of your creative works ranging from books to artworks to soundtrack to websites. Thus,  The author’s original work cannot be duplicated if he or she registers his or her copyright with the appropriate authorities.

Consequently, it is illegal for anybody to make use of the work without first obtaining permission from the author. Also,  The author is authorized to charge others for reusing or manipulating his content.

What is ISBN Registration?

It is a 13-digit number that is used to identify physical books, e-books, and audiobooks as well as things that are similar in nature to books. The ISBN may also be thought of as your book’s Aadhar Number.

The book’s title, key digits, editions, publishers, author’s name, formatting, and other necessary information can be determined using the International Standard Book Number.

Thus, the International Standard Book Number (ISBN Registration) is used all over the world. It is mandatory for every book publisher or author to apply for the ISBN Registration Process in India for each version of the book.

What is the difference between copyright and ISBN Registration?

difference between copyright and ISBN Registration

You can easily understand the difference between copyright and ISBN Registration from the following table.

Copyright Registration  ISBN Registration
The purpose of copyright registration is to prevent others from using the work without permission. It is an attempt to record all books that have been published.
Copyright results in the artist acquiring an intangible asset that may be sold, assigned and permitted for usage. Publishers may use ISBNs to promote their new books in more ways than only the traditional ones.
By copyrighting a creative creation, you may safeguard it against infringement and unlawful replication. An ISBN Registration enables a user to both identify and purchase a book, regardless of whether it is available through e-libraries, bookshops, online merchants, or distributors.
You have complete control over who may use your work and under what conditions. Actually, you may make money by selling your work to other people for a good price. However, ISBN Registration doesn’t provide any legal rights.
The Copyright Office now offers an online copyright registration application method via its website. Publishers are assigned ISBNs based on the location of their corporate headquarters.

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Are ISBNs required in India?

One of the most important aspects of the book supply chain is the ISBN (International Standard Book Number). When it comes to placing orders, selling products, tracking sales, and keeping track of inventory, you’ll want to utilize an ISBN. The registered owner, title, issue, and format are all uniquely identified by the ISBN. Thus,  If you wish to sell your print book through businesses, both online and offline, you must apply for an ISBN Registration.

Does a book need to be copyrighted in order to be sold?

Taking the effort to register a copyright is a way to ensure that your work will always be protected. If you ever need to authenticate your ownership, you’ll have this extra layer of security through copyright registration. As a result, copyright registration is not mandatory but has become a need in the digital era in order to protect your work.

Thus, ISBN Registration and Copyright Registration both are important in their own unique way.

How to obtain an ISBN number for a self-published book

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