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Food Safety Compliance System is the name of the currently used online application for regulating FBOs(Food Business Operators).. Previously, the Food Safety Standards Authority of India or FSSAI used an application called FLRS or Food Licensing and Registration System. Currently, it is the FoSCos. Therefore, the key difference is not between FSSAI and the online FoSCos platform. The FSSAI is still the Indian Government’s highest regulatory authority for nationwide Food Business Operators. The difference is in the online platform which is used by the FSSAI for regulating the business.

The difference is in the switch from FLRS to FoSCos  

The FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) launched the Food Licensing & Registration System (FLRS) online application for regulation of the Food Business Operators. However, the India Government felt the need for making the online application more transparent and capable. Therefore, an online application was required which has more user-friendliness, is more technologically advanced and has better computation as well as increased intuitive capabilities. This is the reason why the Food License Registration System (FLRS) was replaced by the more capable Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS).

Why did FSSAI switch from FLRS to FoSCos?

FSSAI changed from the earlier implemented Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS) online application to FoSCoS to enable the food business operators (FBO) to operate their businesses in a more informed, hassle-free manner. The FoSCos online application has not only made business operations much more efficient but is also undergoing multiple enhancements and modifications. These small incremental modifications will add up to make the FoSCoS online application more and more usable in the long haul.

The FSSAI realized that they would require an open, advanced, speedy, source application which has intuitive capabilities driven by artificial intelligence (AI) to take the food business in India to the highest level. However, to enable old FBOs to make a seamless transition, the FoSCoS online platform developers have taken great pains to ensure that the user interface is more user-friendly and advanced but similar to the earlier Food License and Registration System (FLRS). The process flows would remind the old user of FLRI but it is more capable, has more features and is way faster to load. The migration process from FLRS to FoSCoS has been intentionally made seamless. The FoSCoS architecture is also capable of adding more extensions according to consumer feedback.

FoSCoS is an improvement over the outdated FLRS 

FoSCos makes the FSSAI registration process easier and more user-friendly. The online application called Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS) is nothing but a more technological version of the Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS). The FLRS served its purpose briefly after its launch in 2012 for FSSAI Licenses and Registration. However, it could not keep up with the requirements of the digital drive initiative of the Indian Government.

The FoSCos dashboard is as user-friendly as it gets

The relatively new Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS) features a great, updated dashboard. The Dashboard is also the landing page for the Food Business Operators (FBO). Once a Food Business Operator (FBO) logs in to the dashboard, he or she can get an updated status report about his or her license, registration, dues etc. To get the attention of the users, the new and enhanced features of the FoSCoS are highlighted in colour. The dashboard also provides real-time, updated information on past licenses, registrations, dues, etc.

FoSCos is about the integration of all needs

The key idea of FoSCos emanates from making it a very comprehensive single point of contact. It is in line with the Indian Government’s digital drive and making the process of running a business as easy as possible. FoSCoS has already been integrated with the FoSCoRIS mobile application. It is in the process of being integrated with FoSCoS and shall also be integrated with GST, PAN, MCA, FSSAI’s own IT platforms such as FoSTaC, FPVIS etc.

Features of FoSCos

Features of FoSCos


In conclusion, , The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) continues to be the highest authority for food-related license and registration-related regulations of food business operators (FBO) in India. All FBOs must follow the rules and regulations mandated by FSSAI. FSSAI continues to be the whole and sole authority for Licensing, FSSAI Registration. Regulation etc. for all food-related businesses such as manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, eateries, grocery shops, importers, exporters, dairy farms, home-based food business operators, food processing units etc. It also includes food retailers, e-tailers etc. involved in the food business. They must get a 14-digit registration Number or a Food license number. This number should be printed on the packaging material of the food item.

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