Difference between Patent and Copyright

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Every entrepreneur expects that after successfully establishing and maintaining a business, their firm would grow without difficulty. It’s nearly impossible to have no difficulties, but decreasing them is very much achievable. You may come across several ways to minimize various challenges that you may encounter when running your own business. One such solution to protect your business is having a patent or copyright registration. In this article, we shall discuss the difference between patent and copyright.

What is a Patent?

The principal goal of Patent Registration is to promote the development of new technologies and to facilitate the commercialization of breakthroughs. Patent law encourages inventors to publicly disclose their inventions in exchange for exclusive rights.

Thus, Patents safeguard inventions. The inventions may include novel and efficient techniques, machines, manufacturing, and compositions of matter and enhancements to these. Certain computer programs can be included in the subject matter which is protected by both patents and copyrights.

In this way, the patent system is complemented by copyright protection by providing protection to specific functions of the software that are not guaranteed by copyright.

Contrary to the copyright registration process Patent application is expensive, complicated, difficult, lengthy, and shouldn’t be attempted without help from a skilled professional.

What is a Copyright?

A copyright is a set of rights that are automatically granted to you after you create a new work. The creator or entity who holds the copyright registration has the only and unrestricted right to reprint, sell, and duplicate the creations. Only work that corresponds to a real means of expression is protected by copyright. Thus, The concept of copyright is established as soon as the creator completes the work.

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Learn the Difference between Patent and Copyright

There is a significant distinction between Patent and Copyright. These are mentioned below.

Patent Copyright
Copyright is protected by the Copyright Act of 1957. A patent is subject to regulation under legislation known as the Patents Act, 1970.
It is granted to the creators of artwork. It is the right to adapt work reproduction, distribution, etc. Patents are the legal right granted by the federal government in order to secure an invention over a certain period of time.
Copyright has a restricted scope of application since it cannot be used to cover all kinds of work. It is often applied to the artistWork, specifically – poetry, writing

Film, music, videos, etc.

Patents protect the technical

Enhancement, which is a part of

Uniqueness and novelty.

Copyright registrations are valid for a duration of 60 years and are valid even after the death of their owner. Patent registration is valid for only 20 years.
Through copyright

Registration, the owner has exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the original. Thus, It is possible to work with no

a hassle.

Patents are granted to the invention for example, a composition that is part of the creation of an element or a particular procedure.
Copyright Act averts the

Duplicity, duplicity-related activity and

replicating the original


A patent stops others from taking

the idea that prompted the invention as well as deployed preventive measures to stop selling the patented product.

Copyright Registration can be applied at any time. Patent Registration can’t be obtained when information of invention is disclosed to the public or made available in the market.
Copyright generally applies to art, music etc. Patents generally apply to inventions, technologies and medical devices.

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