Environmental Day 2020: Role of Environmental Impact Assessment

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On this Environment Day, we must understand the importance of the Environmental Impact Assessment. During these disease-ridden times, the environment has become a grave concern, and we all need to address it urgently.

As we know that the entire human race is entrapped into a pandemic — the Novel Coronavirus disease, also called the COVID-19. Swaying all over the globe, and affecting above 6 million people worldwide, this pandemic has now posed a grave threat to mankind. It is high time for all the governments of the world to give equal importance to the environment as their economies. Hence, all nations must focus on the Environmental Impact Assessment of their geographical regions.


Environmental Impact Assessment: An overview

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) refers to the process of:-

  • Early detection of the potential environmental risks,
  • Assessing the financial, socio-economic, and human health impacts of the Environmental threats.


Global perspective towards Environmental Impact Assessment

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the EIA is a smart way to recognize the environmental, socio-economic impacts of any developmental project launched in a region.


Legal framework of Environmental Impact Assessment in India

The EIA procedure in India is legally based on the provisions of the Environment Protection Act, 1986. This Act has various provisions for the EIA procedure.


Key Functions of Environmental Impact Assessment

Here are the functions of the EIA-

  • It emphasizes on sustainable economic development.
  • It focuses on a cost-effective way to minimize the harmful impacts of developmental projects.
  • Emphasizes the authorities to analyze the adverse impact of developmental activities well in advance.
  • Calls for the modification of developmental plans by including Environmental Management strategies. One such way is to follow the global benchmark for EMS— ISO 14001 certification.


Role of ISO 14001 in Environmental Management 

ISO 14001 is a management system standard that lays strong emphasis on the Environmental Management System (EMS) in private organizations.

ISO 14001 certification is one of the main requirements for all private organizations to ensure environmental efficiency.


Environmental Impact Assessment Process

Here is the detailed flowchart showing the complete process of Environmental Impact Assessment:

Environmental Impact Assessment process

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