Unlock 1.0: Health Ministry issues SOP for opening Public Places

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The world is fighting a silent war with Coronavirus but the fact is it is impossible to remain at home for years, therefore, Lockdown 5.0 or Unlock 1.0 has been introduced now. India is the country that has united and doing every bit of effort to save corona patients. 


Overview of Unlock 1.0 aka Lockdown 5.0

It has been more than 70 days from lockdown now the Union Health Ministry has released the new Standard Opening Procedures (SOPs) in which a proposal for re-opening hotels, restaurants, and malls as Unlock 1.0 ‘s part has been mentioned. 

Talking about the precautions that are mandatory to be taken has been mentioned in the rules, and regulations defined in the proposal. 


Unlock 1.0 SOP: Safety Measures at Malls, Hotels & Restaurants

Some of the major rules that every citizen of the country must follow if visiting any of these places are as follows:

  1. It is highly essential to maintain a physical distance of at least 10 meters. You need to self-realize that ensuring social distancing is for your benefit only. 
  2. Masks are mandatory. Without a mask, it is not at all safe to step out. 
  3. Citizens who are more than 65 years old and kids who are less than 10 years of age are still not allowed to visit these places. 
  4. Keeping sanitizers, extra masks, hand gloves would be an important factor. 
  5. Whenever you are sneezing, or coughing makes sure you are covering your mouth. 
  6. Do not touch at random places, and if you are accidentally touching anything, sanitize your hands first, and do not touch your mouth.
  7. Spitting is strictly prohibited in public places. 
  8. Travelling will not be a problem unless and until you are following all the norms, and have the Aarogya Setu app installed in your device. Know more about the Aarogya Setu app.
  9. Only those customers who do not have any COVID-19 symptoms shall be permitted to enter hotels, restaurants, and malls. 
  10. The humidity inside the premises should be between 40-70%, and the temperature of AC should be set at 20-30 degrees. 
  11. Disinfecting shops, tables, receptions, and hotel rooms are mandatory by using 1% sodium hypochlorite. 
  12. If someone around you sounds fishy or you observe any kind of symptom in the person, then dial the emergency helpline number as soon as possible. 
  13. The parking lots outside the hotel, restaurants, and malls should be properly defined by maintaining the distance of at least 1-2 meters from the slots. 
  14. Street food is still not allowed to open. 
  15. Chefs, waiters must wear masks and gloves while serving the food to customers. And, before it they must clean the table as well as chairs and all cutlery items. 
  16. Cinema halls are not allowed to open that are located inside malls. 
  17. 50% of customers are only allowed inside the restaurant. 
  18. Large gatherings are prohibited. 


So be a Responsible Citizen!

These rules and regulations are for our safety, as our lives are crucial and the government is doing all possible ways to save us. 

10 Essential Rules to go Outside in Lockdown 5.0

Hope this Lockdown 5.0, and Unlock 1.0 will be a better approach to save people. So stay home, stay safe… Stop the spread!

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