ESIC Notifies Relief Scheme For COVID

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According to a press release, the family pension, which was previously solely payable in the event of death. Due to an occupational accident, has now been expanded to include death due to Covid-19. As a result, the employee’s family members will be eligible for a family pension equal to 90% of the dead employee’s average monthly income, subject to a monthly minimum of Rs 1,800. In this article, we’ll discuss ESIC Notifies Relief Scheme For COVID.

ESIC Notifications

On June 18, the ESIC published the contents of the scheme for public comment and ideas for 30 days. The ESIC Notifies Relief Scheme For COVID on August 11, stating that the ideas examine and that the system notified.

The policy covers the insured’s families if they enroll on the ESIC portal for at least three months before being diagnosed with COVID-19 and work at the time of diagnosis. The insured’s spouse, son under 25, unmarried daughter, and widowed mother would be eligible for relief if the insured died due to COVID-19.

The system, which would be in place for two years starting March 24, 2020, would pay dependents 90 percent of the insured’s average daily salary.

Significance of ESIC Registration 

The members who have done ESIC Registration will now receive a higher unemployment benefit until December of this year. ESIC members who lost their jobs because of the Covid-19 epidemic will be eligible for the benefits.

The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation under the Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyna Yojna has also announced to give 50% average wages for unemployment of 90days period. Presently the average amount is 25%.

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Before being laid off, they work in insurable employment for at least two years. They contribute for at least 78 days during the contribution period immediately preceding unemployment.

ESIC is implementing a system that pays unemployment benefits to workers covered by the ESI Scheme. The ESIC has decided to prolong the program for another year until June 30 of the following year.

ESIC provides social security benefits such as appropriate medical treatment and various monetary payments at the time of emergency. It covers approximately 34.9 million worker households and aids 135.6 million people.

ESIC scheme adds 10.41 lakh latest members in April 2021

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