FM Sitharaman gives ultimatum to Infosys to fix income tax portal

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As per the latest news, Finance Minister Sitharaman gives an ultimatum to Infosys. As we all know, the Ministry of Finance launched a new income tax portal on June 7, 2021, collaborating with Infosys. However, ever since it was launched, several taxpayers and professionals reported many issues in the portal. It’s almost the end of August, but the issues were not being resolved, and taxpayers across India requested the Ministry of Finance to take action. Therefore, the Finance Minister summoned Infosys CEO Salil Parekh to address the concerns relating to the income tax portal issues. In this article, we will read about the key highlights of the meeting and details as FM Sitharaman gives an ultimatum to Infosys.

FM Sitharaman gives ultimatum to Infosys to fix income tax portal

The Finance Minister Sitharaman has expressed deep disappointment and has given a deadline to Infosys. The deadline is to resolve all the issues faced by taxpayers and professionals.

She also enquired the CEO of Infosys about the unceasing errors in the new e-filing portal. Her major stress was on even though the portal was available from two and half months ago, why it is still erroneous.

Infosys CEO on fixing glitches on Income Tax Portal

Salil Parekh, CEO at Infosys while answering to FM has said that he is aware of the problems in the income tax portal. The team of 750 members is working on resolving the issues.

He also states that the company’s COO, Pravin Rao is himself managing the project. Therefore, the team will resolve the issues as soon as possible to ensure smooth functionality on the portal.

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Extended Deadline to fix the Income Tax Portal

The Finance Minister has given the deadline to Infosys. The deadline is 15th September 2021 for the fixation of the new Income Tax Portal. Thus, Salil has also assured the Finance Ministry that Infosys is working rigorously to resolve the issues on the portal. Plus, they will do their best to resolve it before the deadline.

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