Facebook sues Mumbai-based firm for Misusing Domain-name

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Amid the economic recession due to lockdown, a fresh controversy has popped up as Facebook sues Mumbai-based firm for unauthorized use of several domain names.  Let us know in detail about this case.

Why Facebook sues Mumbai-based firm?

It can’t be denied that in these days of globalization, the business has grown complex than ever. With the expansion of business, the competition gets tougher. The new entrants in the market might tend to misuse the well-established brand names in order to grow.

Such is the case of the Facebook lawsuit against the 12 domain names that were registered by a Mumbai-based proxy service provider Compsys Domain Solutions Private Ltd.

The reason why Facebook sues Mumbai-based firm is that the said firm has designed 12 proxy domain names that resemble popular social media website domain-names such as Facebook, Whatsapp. Some of these proxy domain names are as follows:-

  • facebook-verify-inc.com
  • instagramhjack.com
  • videocall-whatsapp.com

Such proxy domain names were designed in order to deceive people by impersonating popular social media website domain-names.

Hence, Facebook sues Mumbai-based firm Compsys Domain Solutions to prevent this fraud and stop the deceptive use of its domain name and brand names. It is important to note that domain-names are copyright registered by their owning companies, and no one can misuse them like this. This Mumbai-based firm has violated the Indian Copyright law and is hence facing the legal consequences.

Some time back, an online travel package company MakeMyTrip had filed a lawsuit against another travel company EaseMyTrip for misusing its brand names. Know in detail about MakeMyTrip v/s EaseMyTrip Trademark controversy.

Significance of Copyright Registration

Copyright is a form of the intellectual property rights that gives a creator authority over his literary, innovative or artistic works.

Copyright registration is applicable on works such as-

  • Books,
  • sound recordings,
  • music,
  • artistic work,
  • cinematographic films,
  • dramatic,
  • computer programs,
  • website domain names,
  • databases,
  • advertisements,
  • paintings, and so on.

With copyright registration, you can protect your brand name or artistic work from violation and unauthorized use by others. If your innovative work has been copyright registered, you can take legal action if someone misuses your unique brand name, just like Facebook sues Mumbai-based firm Compsys Domain Solutions.

By the way, the government has extended all IPR-related due dates.

All IPR Deadline Extended due to COVID-19

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