New COVID-19 Guidelines for Government Offices

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Amid the Lockdown 5.0, the government has now released new COVID-19 Guidelines for Government Offices.

With the start of Lockdown 5.0 also known as Unlock 1.0, the Indian Government has begun new methods to resume various activities. As a part of Unlock 1.0, the Union government has released 13 point guidelines for government offices, which are preventive measures to stop the COVID-19. These Central government guidelines about COVID-19 are applicable to the private sector too. These Central government guidelines about COVID-19 so as to stop the spread and stay safe. So here are 13 Point COVID-19 guidelines for government offices-


COVID-19 Guidelines for Government Offices

Here are the 13 Central government guidelines about COVID-19:-

  1. No Employee from containment zones is permissible for working in the office.
  2. Officers that are entirely healthy and showing no symptoms of Cough and Fever will work in office premises.
  3. Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries that share a single cabin will work on alternate days. This step is to ensure the Social Distancing while Covid-19 Crisis
  4. There shall be no more than 20 employees/officers attending office in a day. Therefore the Roster will be reworked. The remaining staff will keep on working from home.
  5. Every Employee has to cover their face with Face Mask. Whether working or travelling to work Face Masks are mandatory. An employee failing to follow these COVID-19 guidelines for government offices will have to face strict penal actions.
  6. The Section shall have no more than two officials at a time. That means staggering office hours shall be followed, ensuring less than 20 employees are present in the office at any given time. To ensure adequate ventilation in halls, windows should be kept open whenever possible.
  7. VC shall be avoided as much as possible in the board room. The General Section will provide the officials with the appropriate equipment to attend the web-room from their respective computers.
  8. To avoid Face to Face interactions, Employees have to use intercom/phone/VC.
  9. Used mask and gloves shall be carefully discarded in the bio-medical waste bin, which is of yellow colour. Strict action shall be taken against people who disregard these guidelines
  10. Officers/staff are instructed to use any ethanol-based disinfectant to clean their devices, such as keyboards, mouse, computers, AC remotes, etc., on their own. Moreover, it is mandatory to clean places that we frequently touch such as electric switches, doorknobs, elevator buttons, handrails, washroom fixtures etc. These place shall be cleansed with 1% Sodium Hypochlorite after each hour during working days.
  11. Hand sanitizing dispensers shall be used at Corridors by all the officers before entering the room. Also, everyone must wash their hands every half an hour to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  12. The distance of 1 metre is mandatory for all the people, whether they are sitting or walking in the office. Also, other social distancing norms are a necessity to follow, such as keeping visitor’s chair far away from the officers. Moreover, no physical contact is permissible as COVID-19 spreads primarily through human physical contact.
  13. And Lastly, all officers must give their 100% of efforts to follow these COVID-19 guidelines for government offices
  14. . They are requested to follow these instructions without fail.

It is also advisable that you should use the Aarogya Setu App.

So, these are the COVID-19 guidelines for government offices. We all need to support the Government and strictly follow these Central government guidelines about COVID-19. With that, it is sure that slowly everything will get back to normal.

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