FIEO Launches Online Portal For Exporters To Request Elusive Shipping Containers

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To give the pace to trade by slashing the shortage of containers, the Federation of Indian Exports Organization has launched an online portal for bringing exporters and shipping lines into one platform. Now, exporters can put their demand for containers easily via online mode and the shipping line accesses the same. To meet the demand for containers, exporters need to go for FIEO Registration. The new online portal will give a clear picture of the availability of containers.

After FIEO launches online portal for exporters, there is a great sign of relief among the exporters as they can easily request the container by simply mentioning the source and destination point.

However, the top destination point of the containers is Newark Port (USA) and others are Rotterdam Port (Netherland) and Dammam Port (Saudi Arabia).

Why is there a need to bring an online portal for exporters?

In respect of trade, it has been observed that the shortage of containers affects the trade as well as the market. The same situation becomes even worse due to the effect of the pandemic that led to the lockdown across India.

After the revoke of lockdown, Industries started to operate and export orders significantly increased which resulted in the great demand for containers. While the demand for the container was high and the supply was low, that simply imbalanced the market equilibrium. Hence, FIEO launches online portal for exporters for smooth business and ease of monitoring of containers.

About FIEO Registration

Registration is the first step to access the savour of online portals and is the one-stop solution for the same. Through this web link, the exporters can easily register their business as the process is very much smooth. Even on this platform, the registration will be done in no time. Moreover, here support feature is also available that will help the exporters to resolve any glitches.

The principal activities undertaken by FIEO

Moreover, if you need any guidance as regards the FIEO Registration please feel free to contact our business advisors at 8881-069-069.

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