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A supermarket is a multi-purpose store that offers various types of food products, including groceries, vegetables, meat, canned products, and packaged products. You can also get other important household items like slow cleaners, pharmacy products, and other supplies. As these stores are in great demand, they have to maintain and follow safety and hygiene protocols regarding their quality of services and the quality of food products that they offer. One of the essential license or registration is FSSAI License for Supermarket. This article will guide you about FSSAI License for supermarket.

What are the various types of FSSAI licenses for supermarkets?

Basic FSSAI Registration

If your food business’s annual turnover is less than Rs 12 Lakhs, you need to have basic registration for food licensing. Usually, when someone starts a food business like a supermarket and is unsure about the expected turnover, they can apply for safety registration or FoSCoS registration. This license can be upgraded to a state license or central license if the annual turnover is more than 12 lakh rupees.

The maximum tenure of the basic FSSAI license is 5 years, and the minimum is 1 year.

tasks_2021_2xDocuments required for basic FSSAI registration:

  • Address proof of your business that includes rent agreement or electricity bill
  • Passport size photograph of the owner
  • Business name and address
  • Details of your business activity, which in this case is supermarkets food business
  • Identity proof of business owner that includes voter card or Aadhar card.

State FSSAI Food License Registration

If your food business’s annual turnover is between Rs 12 Lakhs and Rs 20 crore, then you need to have a state FSSAI license.

According to the latest guidelines, the FSSAI state license is suitable for all the businesses like the transporter, processing of manufacturing, and repackaging business.

What are the documents required for state food license registration?

  • You need to submit the Rental Agreement of Business Premises
  • Identity proof or document of the business owner like Aadhar card, passport, voter card, driving license, etc.
  • If any government registration certificate is available like company incorporation certificate, firm registration, GST registration number, PAN card, partnership deed, trade license, and shop establishment registration.
  • If you are a private limited company or a partnership firm, you also have to provide MOA and AOA or partnership deed copy during license registration.
  • Whenever you are applying for the state license registration, you also need to submit the following documents trade license, panchayat license, corporation license, shop and establishment registration, and municipality license.
  • You have to mention the nature of your business, which in this case is a supermarket’s food business.
  • FSSAI declaration form

Central FSSAI food license registration

If your annual turnover is more than Rs 20 crore, then you need to have a Central FSSAI license. So, all the food businesses that do not fall in the previous two categories, have to apply for the central license. All the importers and exporters need to have a central FSSAI license. Additionally, if you are in a business with multiple outlets across India, then you need to have the central FSSAI license for your registered address. It is also mandatory that you have a basic state or central license for each of the outlets depending on the annual turnover. The maximum tenure of the central license is 5 years, and the minimum is 1 year.

Types of FSSAI licenses for supermarkets

tasks_2021_2xDocument required for the registration process

  1. The rental agreement of business premises
  2. ID proof of the concert person that includes the voter card, driving license, passport, and aadhar card
  3. Government registration certificates, if available, like form registration, GST registration number, company incorporation registration, trade license, PAN card, partnership date, etc.
  4. If the applicant has a private limited company or a partnership firm, they must also provide MOA and AOA partnership deed copy.
  5. IEC Code Registration
  6. An authority letter from the company letterhead to the applicant stating that they are authorized to file for an FSSAI application
  7. The list of the food products that will be manufactured or sold

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Advantages Of fssai license for supermarket

tasks_2021_2xLegal benefits

According to the FSSAI rules and guidelines, A business cannot run without proper registration. Therefore a license is mandatory and it can be easily obtained by contacting FSSAI license consultants like us. If you have an FSSAI license, it gives you an upper hand over other businesses and competitors who are operating without a registered license. Additionally, with an FSSAI license, you can also avoid penalties or charges.

tasks_2021_2xBusiness expansion

Once you become successful, you will want to expand your business and open different branches throughout the city and later the country. To achieve success like this, you have to earn complete trust and loyalty from your new customer base. Your customers should feel safe while buying products from you. So if you have a proper and valid food license, it becomes easier for you to open a branch or a sub-branch at a new location to expand your business quickly. Additionally, if you have a valid FSSAI license, it becomes easier for you to get a business loan from banks and financial institutions.

FSSAI Registration for Food truck business

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