Start CCTV business in India: Registrations & Advantages

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With the increase in the number of crimes like thefts and burglary, the installation of CCTV cameras has become more important in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Hence, there is a huge opportunity to start CCTV Business in India. This is a service-oriented business and usually, it consists of two activities. One is to select the correct products for your customers and the next step is to install the products and offer them the correct service and guidance in a cost-friendly manner. In this article, you will understand How to start CCTV Business in India.

Scope and Opportunities for CCTV business in India

  • With the increase in crime rate, the demand for CCTV cameras and other security appliances is increasing in all sectors.
  • The security camera service industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world with a CAGR percentage of 19.
  • The major consumers are schools, hospitals, offices, traffic signals, banks, airports, shopping malls, residential complexes, railway stations, bus stops, etc.
  • So if you are planning to invest in an ever-growing market, then starting a CCTV business in India is a profitable idea.

 How to start a CCTV business in India

tasks_2021_2xLearn the trade

You need to have the technical knowledge to start a city TV business in India. You have to learn about the different types of cameras, the installation process, and the maintenance process.

The various types of CCTV cameras:

  • PTZ Camera: These are highly sensitive cameras that can detect changes in heat signatures, motions, and sounds and instantly get activated.
  • IR Camera: These cameras are mostly used for night vision. So even in complete darkness, you can see the perfect movement of any object or person with the help of these cameras.
  • Dome Cameras: Are usually attached to the ceilings of buses, trains, and tunnels.
  • IP Cameras: These cameras can be accessed by a mobile application using a broadband internet connection.
  • Weatherproof cameras: These are mostly used for traffic surveillance at traffic signal posts

tasks_2021_2xMarket research

Before diving into the business, you have to conduct local market research and understand the necessities of your customers. You may get in touch with local dealers and traders and take feedback on the in-demand cameras.

tasks_2021_2xBusiness licenses and registration

  • Company registration: You may start out as a One Person Company or an LLP or a private limited company to start CCTV Business in India as per your eligibility and business model.
  • GST registration: To start CCTV business in India and pay the taxes, you need to have a GST number. GST Number is allocated to the business after successful GST Registration.
  • Trademark Registration: Trademark Registration is essential to protect the brand of your business. These days trademark registration online has almost become essential due to the fact that others can easily misuse your business branding.
  • MSME registration: It will help you take full advantage of the government subsidies and facilities offered for your business.

CCTV Business licenses and registration

Some other licenses and registration include:

  • GST return filing
  • ISO certification: ISO Certification is a certification for businesses that follow international standards. Having an ISO Certification for a firm can provide you a number of advantages. 

tasks_2021_2xArranging capital

Arranging funds for your business is a big step. If you do not have enough money to invest, you can get in touch with banks and financial institutions and apply for a business loan. Here, you have to submit your business plan where you have to mention the products you will be selling, your target audience, approximate estimate, the areas that you will cater to, etc.

tasks_2021_2xLocation for your business

If you are opting for an online store, then you may skip the step. You will only need website development. However, if you are opening a physical store, You need to establish it in a place where potential customers can easily find it. In this case, you will need Shop and Establishment Registration.

tasks_2021_2xChoose the best supplier

You will be selling CCTVs manufactured by various companies. So you need to get in contact with the wholesaler or supplier who can offer good quality products.

tasks_2021_2xHiring and training of employees

This is a technical business so your employees need to know about installation, maintenance, broadband setup, and also offer advice to the customers. You must train and hire employees who can learn professionalism and help you grow your business.

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Starting a CCTV business in India is a great idea especially due to the increase in demand for CCTV cameras. Thus, you must follow the steps mentioned above to start CCTV Business in India.

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