Fssai Registration For Petty Food Business

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Petty Food Business or small-scale food industries in India are increasing in number. If you also want to start a food business in India, you must get FSSAI Registration.

People working in small-scale food industries must abide by the food safety regulations set forth by the relevant government agencies. This article will help you in learning about FSSAI Registration for petty food business owners.

What exactly are Petty Food Business Operators?

According to the FSSAI, all FBOs (Food Business Operators) with an annual turnover of fewer than 12 lakhs are Petty Food Business Operators.

Classification of Petty Food Business Operators


  • Units that process meat but don’t make more than 12 Lakhs annually
  • Dairy units include cooling units used in processing or in-handling that manage 500 liters of milk per day or produce up to 2.5 metric tonnes of milk solids annually.
  • Slaughterhouses deal with two large animals, ten minor animals, and fifty poultry birds daily

Units for Storage

  • units that produce less than 12 lakhs in annual revenue for cooling or refrigeration
  • units for controlled environments with annual sales of less than 12 lakhs rupees
  • Additional storage facilities with yearly sales below 12 lakhs rupees

Other Types of Food Businesses or Businesses dealing with Food

  • Hotels/restaurants
  • Wholesalers/retailers
  • Food cart merchants or hawkers
  • clubs and cafeterias
  • Transporters, marketers, and distributors
  • A food court with dhabas

These all businesses need to mandatorily have FSSAI Registration as per the Government rules and regulations.

Importance of FSSAI Registration in India

No matter the size or type of their operation, every food business operator now needs an FSSAI license to operate legally. This is done to address issues linked to food safety. A state license must be issued for businesses deemed medium enterprises because of their mid-scale operations, and small food businesses must be registered through basic FSSAI Registration. FSSAI grants registration certificates to only those who adhere to fssai’s food safety and standards. In order to ensure availability of hygienic food and safe food for human consumption, the fssai form’s rules and regulations. Furthermore, there are different categories of FSSAI Registration that take care of regulations at different levels.

Document Requirement  for FSSAI Registration of Small Food Businesses

A small food enterprise is like a newborn compared to production facilities and food factories. Small food establishments must submit a few documents to get the FSSAI Registration.

  • Image of the owner
  • Utility bills or the lease agreement
  • a partnership agreement or certificate of incorporation
  • Bank Account Information
  • Supporting Documents such as NOC by Municipality

What steps must a small-scale food business owner take to receive an FSSAI license?

To obtain an FSSAI license, small-scale food entrepreneurs must take the following steps:

  • The first crucial step is for the applicant to submit an application form along with necessary documents to the food and safety department’s office.
  • The application may be approved or rejected at the discretion of the food and safety department. The department also provides the candidate with official confirmation of their approval.
  • If the application is approved, the food and safety division issues a registration certificate.

If you wish to start a fast food business in India, you can learn the complete procedure at: How to start Fast Food Business in India. You can also get FSSAI Registration through our portal and avoid the hassle of complicated application procedures. Consult our experts at: 8881-069-069 to resolve all your queries regarding FSSAI Registration for petty food business operators.

Documents Required to Register Your Petty Food Business


Millions of people’s health in the nation are under the care of FSSAI.. Businesses that don’t have registration with the FSSAI or follow its regulatory requirements may be subject to harsh penalties and sanctions from the government. Therefore, FSSAI Registration is important and you must get it if you are starting any business related to food. It will help your business as well as your customers too.

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