Foreign tourists may soon get GST refund for local shopping

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Good news for foreign tourists. As part of a drive to execute a provision that is in the legislation, the government will shortly launch a pilot scheme to refund goods and services tax (GST) paid by foreign visitors to India. Thus, Foriegn tourists may soon get a GST Refund for local shopping in India through bank transfer or in cash. This article will discuss the latest updates on foreign tourists to soon get GST refund for local shopping.

Implementation of Integrated GST Act

The Integrated GST Act, which was approved five years ago, provides a refund on items that tourists, likewise, a person who is not an Indian resident and is in the nation for no more than six months for non-immigrant purposes, carry out of the country.

How does the GST Refund for tourists work in other countries?

Since taxes are often not exported, many nations follow a system of GST or VAT reimbursement for consumption outside the country for visitors; this norm is upheld at duty-free stores at airports. In these nations, goods that exceed a certain level are eligible for tax refunds, which can be claimed directly at the airport and paid there or frequently sent to the purchasers’ bank accounts. For example, Dubai and Singapore use this mechanism to refund their taxes. Now India will also be implementing the same mechanism so that foreign tourists may soon get a GST refund for local shopping.

Government & Experts on GST Refunds for Local Shopping

According to government sources, now that the GST system is stabilizing, the central government is considering the possibility of a pilot, which would include businesses like the Cottage Industries Emporium and would be created based on experience.

According to tax specialists, a number of revisions are required to carry out the plan, and they will undoubtedly take some time. The regulations for making the provision operational, even for a pilot, must first be established.

Experts also cautioned that the system must be impenetrable to avoid any fraud.


Foreign tourists might soon get a GST Refund for Local Shopping. This initiative will boost the tourism sector as well as handicrafts, textile sector etc. However, it will not be simple to implement the initiative. The government will need to formulate rules and procedure for this refund and a system of verification ensuring that GST is paid as Business to customer and not reported separately in GST Return Filing.

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