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Most Indians prefer only homemade food. Furthermore, most individuals move from one location to another in India, frequently abandoning their homeland for reasons such as school or employment. As a result, many people who stay away from home have a huge difficulty with their daily meals, which can lead to health problems. In this article, we will understand all about the FSSAI Registration for Tiffin Service.

Therefore, the Food Tiffin Service in India is one of the most well-established businesses in our country. It offers them healthy and delicious food and has a large marketplace. That’s why if you run a tiffin service or plan to, you must know about FSSAI Registration. In brief, it is mandatory and beneficial registration for every food business operator.

What is a Tiffin Service Business?

In the tiffin service business, you provide individuals who are living away from home with fresh, healthful home-cooked meals. Your clientele will most likely be young working professionals or students.

However, tiffin service businesses might also serve tea or coffee to office employees as well as laborers in a factory.

To start a Tiffin Service Business, you need to follow some steps and get the essential registrations. One such registration is FSSAI Registration.

Do you need FSSAI Registration for Tiffin Service Business?

FSSAI(Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) is in-charge of Food Regulation and Safety in India. It is a government body that ensures the food you consume is hygienic, safe, and not adulterated.

Therefore, FSSAI mandates every FBO to have FSSAI Registration. FSSAI Registration provides a unique code and a registration certificate to the food business operators having a unique FSSAI Number.

You also need to apply and receive FSSAI Registration for Tiffin Service Business. In fact, you should get FSSAI Registration before commencing your tiffin service or any other food business.

Not having an FSSAI Registration can attract a hefty penalty or even punishment.

What is FSSAI Registration?

All food industry operators in India are required by law to register with the FSSAI. As a result, FSSAI Registration gives a certificate or proof that your company is legitimate and capable of providing food services or items.

The FSSAI Registration assigns the FBO a 14-digit unique number and uses this number to track and maintain food quality.

In addition, the FSSAI offers a unique license. The FSSAI License is required for specific firms, and it guarantees that items are checked for quality. Thus, you also need to understand the FSSAI Registration Eligibility Criteria.

Benefits of FSSAI Registration for Tiffin Service Business

FSSAI Registration for Tiffin Service Business

  • FSSAI Registration for Tiffin Service saves you from penalty and punishment.
  • FSSAI Certificate becomes a symbol of credibility and makes a good brand image of your business.
  • You can easily apply for FSSAI Registration in India through an online medium on our web portal.
  • The Registration under FSSAI ensures food safety. As a result, people start relying on your products and business.
  • It also helps in branding and marketing. The reason is FSSAI Registration boosts customer awareness.
  • One can also start business expansion as the FSSAI Registration to get easy bank loans and receive the funding.

Eligibility Criteria for FSSAI Registration

You can understand the Eligibility Criteria for FSSAI Registration through the following classification.

FSSAI Basic Registration FSSAI Registration State License FSSAI Registration Central License
Mandatory for Food Business Operators having a turnover less than Rs. twelve lakhs per year Mandatory for Food Business Operators having turnover more than Rs. Twelve Lakhs but less than Rs. twenty Crore per year Mandatory for Food Business Operators having turnover more than Rs. twenty crores per year
Mandatory for hotels if the annual turnover is less than Rs. twelve lakhs Mandatory for 4-star hotels Mandatory for 5-star and above hotels

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Mandatory Rules and Regulations for Tiffin Service

  • Every small food company owner should register by filling out Form A and submitting it together with the required government fee.
  • Basic sanitary and safety amenities must be specified on the premises, together with a self-attested statement in a stipulated manner.
  • The application will be accepted or rejected by the Registering Authority, who will provide a written justification or a notice of inspection.
  • The registration certificate will be displayed on the work floor or wherever overall work gets done.
  • The operating premises must be inspected by the Registering Authority once a year or more.

FSSAI Registration for Food truck business

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