GeM Registration for Corona Safety Faceshield Suppliers

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During this the COVID-19 crisis, there is a broad scope of GeM Registration for Corona Safety Faceshield Suppliers.

One of the best precautions against COVID-19 is the corona face shield. The coronavirus spreads through human touch or air. Also, it stays on surfaces for a long time. The corona fighters wear the corona face shields for preventing the spread of Covid-19. These face shields are extremely helpful for doctors. Moreover, the general public can also wear them. 

To reduce the spread of Covid-19, everyone must wear face shields when they go out. Also, Cops are using corona face shields while they are on duty.

It shows the broad market for corona safety Face Shield for cops. Now it is the time for the Corona Safety Faceshield Suppliers to contribute to the nation’s well being. There is an online selling platform for Corona Safety Faceshields. This platform is known as GeM. 

Here, we will discuss in detail about the Government e-Marketplace and how Corona Safety Faceshield Suppliers can get GeM registration.


What is the Government e-Marketplace?

The Government of India launched an E-Commerce portal in 2017. This portal is known as Government e-Marketplace (GeM). This initiative is beneficial for small businesses, especially during the Covid-19 crisis, when there is a high demand for Face Shields.


Scope of GeM registration for corona safety Faceshield suppliers

As we know, the state and central governments also need to buy different products. Moreover, PSU’s (Public Sector Unit) also needs to purchase various goods occasionally. The main motive of the GeM Registration is to help the government and small traders by facilitating an online platform.

This platform is beneficial as it provides-

  • Assistance in Trade
  • Direct Government Purchase
  • Special Benefits for Startups
  • Less paperwork
  • Transparency

Also, it will allow easy procurement of goods and services required by government organizations.

Now let us see how it can help dealers of Corona Safety Face Shields.


Importance of Government e-Marketplace

There is a massive market for corona face shields for cops in India as the policemen, and other corona fighters are prone to COVID-19 infection. 

  • In fact, many doctors and police officers have died due to Corona infection. Right now, there is an acute need for the corona face shields for cops and doctors. 
  • The suppliers having GeM registration can help the government procure face shields quickly while getting good deals for the same.
  • The government ensures a fair & transparent business through GeM portal. 
  • To eliminate the gap between demand and supply, the government of India is looking for pharmacists who can sell Face shields in large quantities.


Government buyers for corona face shields

The various government bodies which you can directly contact after GeM Registration are as follows-

  • Public Hospitals
  • Government Schools
  • Childcare Department
  • Municipal Committees 
  • Health Ministries
  • Public Sector Units 
  • Women Healthcare Department

With easy GeM registration, suppliers can directly access these government bodies for selling their goods.

Also, know about GeM registration for PPE kit.

The government’s idea of an online platform is a good step for both seller and purchaser. It will be an exciting and excellent experience if this platform incorporates many other features. GeM Registration is currently the best option to boost your business to a large marketplace in India.


If you need any sort of guidance or assistance about the GeM registration process, please feel free to contact our business advisors at 8881-069-069.

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