GeM Registration for Suppliers of PPE Kit

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Today the entire world population is in the trap of a global pandemic — the Coronavirus disease, or what we call COVID-19. With its sway all over the world, killing millions of casualties worldwide, this pandemic has now posed a severe threat to mankind. Throughout the globe, there is one thing that has the greatest demand these days — the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In India, there is a huge demand for the PPE kit. Currently, India is impelled to import the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits from nations like China, Singapore, and South Korea so as to fulfill the requirements. Evidently, this would be a very expensive deal for India. Moreover, there are worldwide concerns regarding Chinese PPE kits coming out to be fake or sub-standard. It can’t be considered safe to import PPE kits form China. So, the question is How to meet the requirements for PPE kits?

The answer is, from Government e-Marketplace. The manufacturers having GeM registration can easily connect with the Government departments and can supply their product to them.  

Role of Government e-Marketplace during COVID-19? 

Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is a one-stop for the Government departments to procure various goods & services for public distribution. It is controlled by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. 

  • The main aim of GeM is to gain transparency, efficiency, and speed in public procurement. 
  • During the COVID-19, Government e-Marketplace has started working with the State Governments to fight the pandemic. Know in detail.
  • The suppliers or manufacturers of PPE Equipment can get an easy GeM registration and can list their products on the GeM portal. 
  • They will receive orders for their products from the Government buyers on the basis of the quality and price-effectiveness of their products.

What is Personal Protective Equipment?

The Personal Protective Equipment or PPE kit refers to a garment that is worn by the health care workers or any other person to protect them from getting infected from a pathogenic disease. The PPE kit usually consists of:-

  • Surgical gloves, 
  • Surgical mask, and 
  • Protective gown with an apron
  • Protective goggles, 
  • face-shield, 
  • head-gear, and 
  • shoe cover.

Importance of PPE Equipment During Coronavirus Crisis 

As we know that the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has infected millions of people. 

Currently, there is no vaccine present for this virus. The spread of this virus can only be stopped if we break the chain. 

  • Coronavirus can easily be transmitted from one person to another person or place just by touching. 
  • The infected person shows very few symptoms and thus detection of this disease is very difficult. One can only be protected from this disease by social distancing and self-quarantine. 
  • In this situation, our corona-warriors or the corona fighters such as doctors, healthcare staff, and police personnel, who are exposed to the spread of the virus, can only protect themselves by wearing the Personal Protective Equipment or PPE.
  • Personal Protective Equipment plays a very critical role at the time of such pandemic. It diminishes the risk of coronavirus transmission. 

Therefore, the Doctors and other Health Care Personnel (HCP) need the PPE equipment for their own as well as the patient’s safety. It minimizes exposure of their body from the patients with Communicable Infectious Diseases. 

Also, know about the Importance of GeM registration for Suppliers of Masks.


SITRA certification: Benchmark for quality of PPE kit

The quality & safety of the PPE kits is a prime concern. Hence, the government has set a quality benchmark for the PPE kit the SITRA certification.

  • SITRA is an acronym for the South India Textile Research Association. SITRA is sponsored by the Textile industry of India and controlled by the Ministry of Textiles. 
  • SITRA Centre of Excellence for Medical textiles is responsible for testing and reporting PPE kits such as surgical masks and coveralls used by the medical staff. The SITRA uses NABL accredited laboratories to test PPE kits.

The government approves the SITRA certified PPE kits for supplying them at the healthcare department. Accordingly, the SITRA certified manufacturers of PPE Equipment having GeM registration shall get the preference of the govt buyers for their products on the GeM portal.

Truly, the SITRA certified manufacturers of PPE Equipment on the Government e-Marketplace can do valuable service to mankind by helping the Government to meet its requirements of PPE kit.


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