Karnataka Government Clarifies GST on Roti and Paratha

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Have you ever thought how much GST on Roti and Paratha is there? The Karnataka Government has recently given ruling regarding the same.

In the view of the Karnataka Government, the Rotis and Parathas that people order online for their meals must be subject to different GST rates, as they are 2 distinct kinds of Indian Bread.

So, let us understand this concept in detail.


Karnataka government ruling about GST on Roti & Parathas

After much contemplation, the Karnataka government has come to the conclusion that the GST rate on Rotis & Parathas must be different as both are two different kinds of Indian Bread, prepared by different methods. Accordingly, the GST Paratha must be triple to that of Roti.


GST on Roti

As per the new ruling of Karnataka government, GST on Roti will be 5% as per the existing norms.


GST on Paratha 

The Karnataka Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR) has stated that parathas must attract 18% GST, whereas GST on rotis must be at a concessional rate of 5%.
Since the new ruling has come out, ‘18% GST’ is trending on Twitter.


Difference between roti and paratha?

As per Karnataka AAR, the Difference between roti and paratha is the methods by which they are prepared and the different temperature at which they’re served. Hence, they must attract different GST rates.

Whatever be the logic behind it, the new ruling is being trolled by many on twitter.

Mr Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra has even tweeted-

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