How Can My Company Grow with an ISO Certification?

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Want your company to grow to new heights? ISO certification could be the push you need. When you implement recognised standards, you will find a path to growth through efficiency, credibility and a commitment to excellence.

ISO standards act as a guide for companies to coordinate, simplify and optimise their businesses to reduce costs. Therefore, leading to increased effectiveness and improved customer satisfaction.

If you want that for your business too, let’s see how ISO can boost your business forward.

How ISO Certification Company Benefits Your Company

How ISO Certification Company Benefits Your Company

Companies would need an ISO certificate if they want to build a strong foundation. This applies to all companies and organisations irrespective of their industry, product or service.

As per the ISO Survey 2017, more than 1.5 million companies have a certification. 2/3rd of them chose ISO 9001. So, why are people looking for ISO certification for their company? Let’s understand the reasons:

Make Your Business More Efficient 

An ISO certificate is going to help your company to reduce time, money and effort. It helps to improve the internal processes and implements well-defined procedures with well-documented results.

It also enhances your consistency, reducing the chances of errors. ISO-certified companies commit to continual improvement thus increasing business efficiency.

Improvement in Products and Processes 

Following a standardised approach, aligned with ISO principles, goes beyond just achieving ISO 9001 certification. It’s about instilling a culture of quality throughout the organisation, improving every process and product.

When it comes to quality, you need a well-designed and effectively implemented system that will get your company on the right track.

For that, you have to select the perfect company for all your ISO requirements. Choosing a company for ISO will require you to reevaluate your business processes. Curious to know how that helps. Find out below.

Gain Clarity and Ownership Over Company Processes

ISO needs you to identify and describe your processes in business metrics. It has a purpose which is to improve the management and control of the business processes.

These goals should be at the core of your system. You can use the metrics to understand and communicate your system’s performance against your goals. Conducting an honest evaluation to qualify for an ISO certificate will help you to learn more about your company.

Increase Market Share

ISO certification allows companies to expand their business to new markets and increase their market share. ISO standards are a hallmark of quality and trust. Organisations have to use customer feedback and consistently monitor, review and develop effective correct processes. All of these will also boost sales.

Apart from sales an ISO certification company also helps to manage risks.

Risk Management

ISO certificate requires the organisation to monitor all future risks and opportunities. This means the stakeholders must adopt a risk management approach. This helps to identify and mitigate the risks efficiently. Organisations have to identify both internal and external issues.

Lastly, all these measures of the ISO certification improve the revenues of the company. Find out how.

Improve Revenue

Certification helps your bottom line. As per a study, 3 in 5 companies that adopted ISO increased their revenues. The best results came from companies that made an effort to improve operations throughout the entire year and not just before the recertification audit.


With an ISO certification organisations can adopt best practices across the business. It leverages clear benefits when it comes to customer satisfaction, operations and more. To learn more about how ISO certificates can boost your company, visit E-StartupIndia.


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