How To Know Whether Your ISO Certification is Genuine or not?

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Verifying the legitimacy of your ISO certification is important for your business to maintain credibility and gain trust in its quality management systems. Since there are so many counterfeit certifications on the rise, you must verify the validity of your ISO certificate.

So, in this short guide, we will see the simple and yet effective methods to check and verify the authenticity of ISO certificates. Maintain the integrity of your business operations with the right certification.


3 Ways to Check ISO Certification

Verify your certificate online by visiting the verification body’s website. There are three ways in which you can verify if the ISO certification company has registered your ISO certificate. Let’s see those processes.

1. Verification Through the International Online Register

Back in 2020, the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) launched a global online register where businesses can verify any ISO certification worldwide on the platform. Not just businesses but anyone can do so. All they need to know is the business name. Here’s how they can do it:

Go to IAF CertSearch. Type in the business name in the search bar and, if the business is certified, it will show up. Then you can click on their listing to validate the currency of their ISO certificate(s).

This method is quite easy and simple to see if the ISO certificate is valid. To sum it up:

  1. Search the business
  2. View the listing
  3. Verify Certification

While this is on an international register, you can also use the regional register. See how it works.

2. Verification Through the Regional Online Register 

Here is the catch- the search method we mentioned above is limited to the number of searches you can check out per day. Then you need to sign up.  But even then the registered users are allowed a limited number of searches daily.

So, what is the next best option?

You can verify your ISO certification through your local supply chain via the Accreditation Authority websites. For India, it’s ISO India while for Australia-New Zealand it’s JAS-ANZ. Here’s how the process roughly works:

  • Look for the logo of the Accreditation authority on your potential supplier’s ISO certificate.
  • Got to their website. So, for India it’s
  • Type in the organisation name and country.
  • Click “APPLY”

You will see all the valid ISO certifications for that company. Click on the ones you need to see if their Status is Active.

You can also verify your certification through an online ISO certification company.

ISO certification shows compliance with ISO standards by a company, granted by a third-party assessment body. See how that works.

3. Verification Through the Certification Body Online Register

You can just verify the certificate directly from the Accredited Certification Body. but first, you need to check that the certificate has the logo of a local Accreditation Authority.

For instance, JAS-NAZ for Australia and New Zealand.

  • A certificate or accreditation that has the IAF logo has international recognition.
  • To check and verify, go to the website of the Accredited Certification Body.
  • Search for your business name or any other business name you’re looking to verify. Click on the listing. Check if their ISO certification (s) are still valid.

Note: Process may differ from Certifier to Certifier. Apply for the ISO Certification for your business. Get guidance from experts and obtain your certification without any hassle. With it, add credibility to your product and service meeting expectations of your customers.


Maintaining trust and credibility is paramount for any business. Verifying the validity of your ISO certification online is a crucial step. You can do it in three easy ways. Visit the E-StartupIndia website for more information on certifying your business.

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