How to Check FSSAI License Number Online?

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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a regulatory body established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, of 2006. FSSAI is responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of food products in India. Every food business operator (FBO) is required to obtain an FSSAI license to operate legally. If you want to check the validity of an FSSAI license number, you can do so easily online. The process to check fssai registration Number Online is mentioned in this article.

Here are the steps to check the FSSAI license number online

tasks_2021_2xStep 1: Go to the FSSAI website

The first step to check the FSSAI license number is to visit the official website of FSSAI at Once you are on the website, click on the ‘License/Registration’ tab on the main menu.

tasks_2021_2xStep 2: Click on ‘License/Registration

On the License/Registration page, click on the ‘Search License/Registration’ option.

tasks_2021_2xStep 3: Enter the FSSAI License Number

On the ‘Search License/Registration’ page, enter the FSSAI license number that you want to check in the given field. You can enter either the 14-digit FSSAI license number or the 17-digit FSSAI registration number.

tasks_2021_2xStep 4: Click on ‘Search’

Once you have entered the FSSAI license number, click on the ‘Search’ button. The website will then show the details of the FBO that holds the license.

tasks_2021_2xStep 5: Check the Details

After clicking on ‘Search’, the website will display the details of the FBO, including the name of the business, the address of the registered office, and the status of the license. You can also see the type of license and the validity of the license.

tasks_2021_2xStep 6: Verify the Details

Once you have checked the details, make sure that the information matches the details of the FBO that you are trying to check. If the details do not match, the license may be fake, and you should report it to the FSSAI.

Importance of FSSAI license

  • A license from FSSAI is essential for any business involved in the manufacture, processing, storage, distribution, and sale of food products in India.
  • One of the primary reasons why an FSSAI  registration is essential is that it ensures that food businesses comply with food safety standards. The license requires businesses to adhere to specific guidelines regarding food processing, storage, and transportation. These guidelines help ensure that food products are safe for human consumption, and businesses that comply with them are less likely to face legal action.
  • Another reason why an FSSAI license is crucial for businesses is that it helps build trust and credibility with customers. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of food safety, and they are more likely to trust businesses that have obtained the necessary licenses and certifications. An FSSAI registration is an indication that the business is committed to providing safe and quality food products.
  • Obtaining an FSSAI registration is a legal requirement for all businesses involved in the food industry in India. The license is mandatory under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, and failure to obtain one can result in legal action against the business. A license from FSSAI ensures that businesses are operating within the law and helps avoid legal and financial penalties.
  • Having an FSSAI license also opens up new market opportunities for food businesses. Many large retail chains and online marketplaces require businesses to have an FSSAI registration  before they can sell their products. By obtaining a license, businesses can access a larger market and increase their revenue.
  • An FSSAI license can also help boost a brand’s reputation. The license is a certification that the business is committed to providing safe and quality food products, which can help establish the brand as a trustworthy and reliable player in the market. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and higher sales.


In conclusion, checking the FSSAI license number online is a simple and easy process. It is important to check the validity of the FSSAI license number to ensure that the food products you are consuming are safe and meet the required standards. If you are an FBO, it is essential to obtain an FSSAI license to operate legally, and you should renew your license before it expires.

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