MCA Allows Offline Filing of Eight Forms

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The MCA has authorized the submission of Forms GNL-2, MGT-14, PAS-3, SH-8, SH-9, and SH-11 in physical form.

All the crucial information regarding physical filling of forms is mentioned in this article.

MCA allows physical filing of Forms GNL-2 and MGT-14 during MCA21 Portal transition

  • The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has announced that companies can file Forms GNL-2 and MGT-14 in physical form between 07/01/2023 and 22/01/2023 as the MCA21 Portal transitions from V2 to V3. These forms will not be available for filing in the MCA21 Portal V2 during this period, and the MCA has acknowledged the need for timely filing due to certain time-sensitive activities.
  • Companies can submit the physical form, duly signed and with a copy in electronic media, to the Registrar without payment of fees and receive an acknowledgment. 
  • However, the company must also provide an undertaking to file the relevant form in electronic form on the MCA-21 Portal once the filing is enabled, along with the fees payable according to the Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014.
  • The MCA has clarified that no additional fees will be levied for the period during which e-filing was disabled. It should be noted that the forms filed in physical form will be made available for inspection or obtaining a copy in accordance with the provisions of Section 399 of the Companies Act, 2013.

Other Forms that can be filled physically

The other forms that can be physically filed between 22/02/2023 and 31/03/2023, as announced by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), are:

  • Form GNL-2, which pertains to the filing of prospectus related documents and private placement,
  • Form MGT-14, which pertains to the filing of Resolutions relating to prospectus related documents and private placement,
  • Form PAS-3, which pertains to the allotment of shares,
  • Form SH-8, which pertains to the letter of offer for buyback of own shares or other securities,
  • Form SH-9, which pertains to the declaration of solvency, and
  • Form SH-11, which pertains to the return in respect of buy-back of securities.

Important Note: Once the MCA21 Portal enables e-filing, the companies will be able to file the relevant forms electronically without any additional fees. The MCA aims to ensure a smooth transition to the new portal and is taking steps to minimize any inconvenience to companies.

MCA extend time for 45 company ROC compliance forms

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