How to find pitch decks used by tech companies to raise capital?

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Pitch Deck is an important tool for every business for a variety of reasons. Pitch Decks are useful to raise funding or help employees understand about the organization’s vision. If you are looking to design a Pitch Deck for startup, you might need to see other pitch decks used by tech companies or other businesses. Today, you will get to know about the important information relating to pitch decks and how to find pitch decks used by tech companies to raise capital.

What is a Pitch Deck?

Pitch Decks is generally a PowerPoint presentation. It highlights the important information about the company, its business model and the funding it requires.

Aim of Pitch Deck

The main aim of the Pitch Deck is generally to attract investors to fund the idea. However, Pitch Deck also aims to generate brand awareness.

Benefits of having a Pitch Deck for your own startup

There are several benefits of having a Pitch Deck for startup such as:

Attracts the Investors

Most investors don’t have a lot of time to listen and understand your business idea. Therefore, businesses use pitch deck as an effective tool to help investors understand your business strategy and your team. It also attracts the investors to the idea if they are also interested in working in the same field.

Helps you bring clarity 

Most startups start in India without the clear vision or the aim of the business. Hence, creating a startup pitch deck assists the entrepreneurs to bring clarity to their mission and purpose of the business. Moreover, it helps you as an entrepreneur to understand why your business matters and how it will be profitable for everyone.

Assists you in Finding Co-Founders

If you are a solopreneur and looking for a Co-Founder, Pitch Deck is a must have for you. Pitch Deck will act as an effective communication tool and bring your business to the notice of the right Co-Founder.

Benefits of having a Pitch Deck for your own startup

How to Create a Pitch Deck for Startup?

Creation of a Pitch Deck is an art as well as science. The Pitch Deck forms the first impression on investors’ minds and therefore it needs to be a really great design and have relevant information only.

The great pitch deck involves a lot of concepts and it’s best to seek expert advice on how to create a pitch deck for startup. Moreover, creating a pitch deck on your own and making mistakes can damage your business reputation.

Some of the essential tools that you can use to create a Pitch Deck are:

  • Canva
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Online Pitch Deck Templates

You also need to follow a specific pattern for a Pitch Deck Creation which will highlight all the important information encapsulated in a few slides and in a concise manner.

Lastly, you should take references from other pitch decks used by tech companies or other businesses in your field to create an effective pitch deck.

Ways to find pitch decks used by tech companies

  • Visit the websites that new tech startups use to list their pitch decks.
  • Look for Pitch Decks on Crowdfunding Sites
  • Ask the Pitch Deck Creation Companies for the reference or previous works that they have completed for tech companies.
  • Search on Google or other search engines the keywords such as Pitch Deck, Pitch Video, Pitch Deck PPT, [Company Name] filetype: PDF and [Company Name] filetype: PPT.
  • Look for the templates on Pitch Deck for Tech Companies.

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How to sell your story through your pitch deck in india

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