How many trademark registration can one person own?

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Trademarks are very essential in today’s era. They protect your brand, business and also help you stay different from competitors. However, not many people know how many trademark registration can one person own? Let’s find out in this article.

What is the maximum number of Trademark Registration that you can have?

There is no limit to the number of trademark registrations that you can have.

Trademarks are registered based on the goods or services they represent, and as long as there are distinct goods, services, or brand names that need protection, an individual or company can apply for multiple trademarks.

The complete list of trademark classes is available at: Trademark Class.

Why have more than one trademark registrations?

Protect wide range of items

These trademarks can as well be used as the basis for the various products and services sold by companies. For example, a clothing line, beauty products, and an accessory line may all have separate trademark registration.

Geographical Expansion

Sometimes, there can be more than one trademark relating to particular regions or countries where businesses are expanding into.

Thus, it is necessary to ensure that these trademarks do not conflict with other people’s marks in a similar class if any exist or if the branding needs adjusting because of cultural differences.

Brand Evolution

Trademark registration involves the creation of new trademarks over time as a brand evolves. This includes designing new logos, slogans or even rebranding already existing products.

Defensive Strategy

In some instances, businesses register their trademarks not only for use at present but also to prevent others from using the same mark (defensive trademark).

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Trademark Registration Process

Several steps are involved in registering a trademark which vary countrywide. If you have business across nations, you can also get international trademark registration. The trademark registration process in brief is as follows:

  • Search: Before filing it is important to carry out a trademark search to ascertain that the mark has not been registered by another person.
  • Application: The application should include accurate details regarding both the mark and what goods/services it covers.

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