How to Sell Products on Flipkart

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As we know E-commerce is booming in India – thanks to shopping portals like Flipkart, SnapDeal and Amazon, which has transformed the online shopping experience for Indian consumers. As we all know, Flipkart is one of the highly-rated e-commerce portals where one can easily sell and buy products online. Flipkart was launched in the year 2007 and presently trades millions of goods over its platform. In this article, we will discuss the process of register with Flipkart India and how to sell products on Flipkart.

Before applying the Flipkart seller registration form, now you require to assure the availability of essential documents.

Documents Required for Flipkart Seller Registration

First of all, we must know what all documents are required to get a business registered on the Flipkart portal. Here is the complete list of the documents required for registering business on Flipkart:

1 Business Registration Proof:-

Business registration proof alters based on the business entity in which you are managing the business. However, the following varieties of business entities in India can easily register with Flipkart seller programme with below documents:-

Type of Entity Registration Proof
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership  firm 
Partnership Deed
  • LLP
LLP Deed or 

Certificate of incorporation

Certificate of incorporation
  • Society or Trust
Society or Trust Deed

2 Tax Registration Proof:-

GST registration is obligatory for registering business on Flipkart portal.

  • However, the GSTIN should be transparent on the GST registration certificate.
  • Company name with business address should be defined. 
  • Further, Company name & address should match with Business Name. On GST certificate.
  • Since a declaration should be there on the company’s letter-head with authorised signatory and company’s stamp.

3 KYC of the Authorized Signatory:-

Generally approved signatory shall be owner, director of the company or partner of the company. KYC of the Authorized Signatory is also needed. For this, any of the following documents can be provided:-

  • Driving License or
  • Passport or
  • Aadhaar Card or
  • Voter ID 
  • MNREGA Card

4 Bank Account Information

The seller is obliged to provide the following data about the bank account of the business to complete the seller registration process with Flipkart India:

  •   Verify Bank Account Holder’s Name
  •   Bank Account Number
  •   Require Bank IFSC Code
  •   Account Type

Now, you are equipped with all the essential documents. Now below is the steps to fill Flipkart seller registration form.

How to fill up a Flipkart seller registration form?

Step 1 Firstly, Visit Flipkart vendor registration website. 

Step 2 Fill your name, email ID and password properly.

Step 3 Provide your PickUp Adress

Step 4 Provide your Business Details

Business details in flipkart process

How to upload and sell products on Flipkart?

Selling products on Flipkart is clear and simple. Now, you need to list the products which you wish to sell on Flipkart marketplace. However, when a consumer makes a purchase, you will get a notification for the same requiring you to ship the product. Several steps for upload and sell a product – 

  • With your username and password, sign in to the Flipkart Seller Portal.
  • Select on the ‘Listings’ tab and choose ‘My Listings’.
  • Tick on ‘Add New Listings’ and then on ‘Add Bulk Listing’ on the top.
  • Further, if your product search does not find an existing match, click the Create a fresh product button.
  • Choose the categories carefully and Add product details in the Vital Info, Offer, Images, Description, Keywords, and More Details tabs.
  • Also, the trademark is obliged for trading in Flipkart portal.

Why Trademark Registration is significant for Flipkart?

Trademark Registration is essential for many reasons such as –

  • A unique Brand logo is the most relevant asset of any business.
  • Since the consumers can swiftly recognise your product or services easily.
  • Also, preserve your brand logo from misuse or duplication by others.
  • Trademarks authorise businesses to utilise the Internet and social media effectively.

How to get Flipkart Brand Registry in India easily?

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