How to start a cleaning services business in India?

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A cleaning service business in India is the perfect choice for all the small-scale investors who do not have much capital. However, once you have an established cleaning services business, it can be really profitable. In this post, we will be helping you with the correct strategies on how to start a cleaning business in India.

Scope of Cleaning Services Business in India

If you are a tidy person and like cleaning your house, then establishing a cleaning service business in India might be a good option. With this pandemic, we have learned the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. Most big companies and offices require help to clean their property. Therefore is a huge demand for home and industrial cleaning services in the metro cities of India. A cleaning business can offer services like pest control, cleaning, sanitization, fumigation, vacuuming, etc. which will be done by trained experts.

Steps you need to follow to start a cleaning business in India

Steps you need to follow to start a cleaning business in India

tasks_2021_2xBusiness plan to start cleaning services business in India

The very first step in any business is to form a well-strategized and organized business plan.

So in your business plan, you have to include important points like the type of cleaning services that you will be providing, your target audiences, different cleaning packages, their features, and the price for each package.

At the beginning of your business, you have to decide whether you will be working in commercial spaces or residential complexes. This is an important decision as the machinery that you will be buying will be different for commercial and residential properties. Next, you have to perform thorough market research. The category of clients that you will be catering to will determine the type of equipment that you need to buy.


You have to pick a good and catchy name that is easy to pronounce. A good idea would be to add your local area’s or region’s name to your business name. This will improve the overall credibility of your business. You can also have business name suggestions from experts in order to make your branding catchy and trustworthy.

tasks_2021_2xMandatory Licenses and registration for the success of the Cleaning Service Business

Before starting a business, you need to take care of various licenses and other legal processes to avoid any penalty charges. Some of the registrations that have to be done are:

tasks_2021_2xCompany insurance

To be on the safer side, you also need to have proper insurance for your company. It will be covering any damage costs when you are cleaning a client’s home.


If you are short on budget, you can also apply for a business loan from banks and other financial institutions. To get a loan, you also need to have a good business strategy or a pitch deck that will impress the investors.

tasks_2021_2xMarketing strategy

You have to socialize with your customer base. You can create various social media profiles and offer tips to people on how to clean their homes. On your website, you can post short videos of your services which will help potential clients understand what you do. Logo Designing and Website Development will play a crucial role here.


While starting a cleaning business in India, you also need to make sure that you are not harming the environment. You need to buy eco-friendly soaps and solutions. Some of the common equipment include duct cleaning, hand soaps, brooms, moths, buckets, vacuum cleaners, and disinfecting equipment.


Your business will require a lot of manpower and skilled employees. To maintain cleanliness and hygiene at a facility, you also need to appoint a supervisor who will be present throughout the cleaning process. The quality of your work will depend on your employee’s perception of cleaning and if the task is not done properly, your business might be affected.

So you need to hire dedicated and experienced staff members.

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Final Verdict

A cleaning service business is a great idea and has huge potential in India. In the beginning, you need to remember that all your investments and earnings will be for establishing the business. Once you have successfully established your name, you will be earning a lot of profit. For any help regarding income tax return filing, company formation, or any other queries relating to your business, feel free to contact us through our official website.

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