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Any individual who is interested in starting a business in the food industry in India needs to obligatorily apply for an FSSAI licensing as per the FSSAI Regulation 2011. Depending on the type of company, the Government has different thresholds set; passing which, there is an obligatory necessity to apply for the FSSAI Registration License. If you wish to start any food business related to food, you must know all about FSSAI Registration Category. This guide teaches you all about FSSAI Registration Category and Food Categorization Code.

What Do You Mean By Food Categorization Code?

FSSAI converts each food item into a code that implies each food item relates to a unique number that lets you quickly recognize a food item.

When do we need a Food Categorization Code?

Food category codes should be filled out when registering and obtaining a license, rather than food descriptions.

You also have to use the Food Categorization Code while FSSAI Registration Online.

This FSSAI code for food describes all incidences and features of this particular food item.

How do we decide the Food FSSAI Registration Category?

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India decided to classify the Food Product Category in the food safety compliance system (FoSCoS) under the General Manufacturing type of company, in order to speed up the licensing/registration of small and medium food enterprises.

However, on the basis of turnover, output, installed capacity, star rating, vehicles for food transport, etc. The thresholds have been established for FSSAI Registration.

It encompasses all food service providers, such as hotels, restaurants, boarding homes, clubs that provide food, corporate canteens, educational establishments, catering services, food sellers, and so on.

The list of FSSAI Registration Food Category is available at Food Categorization Code

Types of FSSAI Registration Category 

Types of FSSAI Registration Category 

tasks_2021_2xBasic FSSAI Registration 

Individuals in the food industry with yearly revenue of up to INR 12 lakhs are required to obtain a basic FSSAI license in order to register. Manufacturers, retailers, distributors, storage and transporters, as well as distributors, will all need this license.

tasks_2021_2xCentral License for FSSAI Registration and Certification

  • Importing or exporting companies that deal in foodstuffs, major manufacturers, and the like must obtain FSSAI-issued permits if they want to operate in the food industry.
  • In order for a food business to operate in many states or cities, the head office must be licensed.
  • An annual turnover of Rs. 20 crore is required to apply for this license.
  • Five years and at the very least one year are allotted for its use.

tasks_2021_2xState License for FSSAI Registration

  • Transport, storage, transportation, distribution, and marketing firms of all sizes are eligible for this license.
  • The State Government grants you this permit.
  • In order for the firm to operate, it must be limited to one state.
  • Yearly revenue of at least Rs. 12 lakh is required.
  • At the very least, the license is valid for a period of five years.

Prerequisites Regulations as part of the FSSAI registration/license application process

  • To ensure that the above-mentioned food categories/products are properly registered/licensed, the FBO should keep the following in mind:
  • According to the standards in place, license/registration requirements must be followed.
  • It’s up to the manufacturer whether or not to employ additives.
  • The FBO shall adhere to the GMP criteria set out in the relevant category.

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  • The new category of FBOs can continue to operate with their present licenses and will not need to make any additional changes.
  • Heavy metals and pesticide residue criteria will apply to “Foods not defined” according to the “Foods not specified” category.
  • Standards and requirements for microorganisms may be implied by the rules that apply to the base product utilized in processing. For example, milk in milk-based sweets and nuts in the creation of snacks are two of the most important raw materials.

FSSAI Registration for Atta Chakki in India

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