How to Start Online Photography business?

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If you love taking pictures, you can turn your hobby and start online photography business. As the Indian market is working among the digital community and digital space, the photography business is slowly gaining popularity. You may be a good photographer and may have good photography skills. However, before starting online business, you have to follow many steps. You also need to complete some legal processes like trademark registration and GST registration in India. In this article, you will understand the complete process to start online photography business.

tasks_2021_2xAdvantages of starting online photography business 

  • If you are a passionate photographer, you can make a lot of money with the online business.
  • You can take advantage of the flexible schedule and work either full-time or part-time.
  • You get to interact with new people every day and attend luxurious events
  • You can visit different places. You can accept clients from various locations.
  • You can help people capture special moments of their life in a film.

tasks_2021_2xSteps to start online photography business

Steps to start online photography business

  • Decide the type of photography  

Before starting your photography business, you need to decide what type of photography you will do. You can work as a real estate photographer or wedding or tour photographer.

If you are interested in doing product photography, you can click on e-commerce platforms. Before starting your business, it is necessary to focus on the type of photo you will be clicking. This will help you in the process and decision of company formation.

  • Construct a strong Business Plan

The next step would be to construct a strong and efficient business plan. A business plan is necessary to outline the details of your business. This includes the services you offer, financial requirements, marketing strategies and how you differ from your competitors. The pricing has to include the cost of equipment, supplies, cost of licenses and travel. A good business plan is also necessary if you are applying for a business loan.

  • Develop a website

For proper marketing of your business and to spread the word, you need website development services.

You can utilize a simple WordPress website. The website will contain all the services you offer, portfolio and package charges. The website will help you gain more customers and create a brand identity for yourself.

  • Register your business

The next step is to register your online photography business. Like some of the other businesses, it does not require much formalities and documentation. You can start an LLP Company Registration or Partnership Firm Registration.

If you are looking for sponsorship from corporate clients, it is advised to go with the private limited company registration. It offers more credibility among corporate clients.

  • Gather important equipment

If you are interested in photography, you may already have all the necessary equipment. However, you need to assess the quality of the instruments. Other than the camera body, you have to get good lenses, flashes, batteries and photo editing software. If you are delivering the photos you need good photo paper and packaging. You may also need to buy umbrella lights and screens to control the lighting.

  • Marketing

The key to success in any business is successful marketing. You cannot earn from your business if no client hires you. So you need to print out business cards, brochures and develop a website. You can take permission from your clients to post their photographs on your website.

Also, try to gather some experience. If you’re planning for wedding photography, carefully check out the wedding premises. If you are taking pet portraits, you can visit dog shows. Moreover, have trademark registration online to protect your business and branding.

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tasks_2021_2xDocuments required to start online photography business:

  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • Bank statement with your current address
  • Mobile number and email ID
  • Electricity bill of your office
  • Rent agreement if you are renting a shop
  • NOC from owner

You also need to complete other legal documentation like  Digital Signature, Trade License.


Starting online business from scratch will not be easy. However, if you carefully follow the guide step by step, you won’t face any issues, and within no time you will have a successful business. You can contact us for help regarding licensing, registering a trademark in India and other legal processes.

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