ISO 52920 Certification For Industrial AM Sites

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Regardless of how professional your company is, there must be ultimate performance measuring tools to smoothen the risks and other factors of your operation. ISO/ASTM 52920 is there to help the manufacturers produce high-quality products. It audits the process of manufacturing along with the quality materials that are being used to make the items. So, ISO 52920 Certification For Industrial AM Sites can work to keep track of both the things like materials and processes a company is using at the time of production. In this article, we shall understand ISO 52920 Certification for Industrial AM Sites.

What are the 3 Important Parts of ISO 52920 Certification for Industrial AM Sites?

  • Quality assurance
  • Qualification of the additive system operations
  • Verification of the part requirements

What is ISO/ASTM 52920 Certification for the industrial AM Sites?

ISO/ASTM 52920 came into existence for industrial AM sites (additive manufacturing sites). Component manufacturers must follow the new standards and quality after ISO/ASTM 52920 certification.

ISO 52920 explains the requirements of the material. This new ISO Certification explains the manufacturing methods, for the manufacturers who are following additive manufacturing techniques. The standard also talks about the criteria for additive manufacturing processes and the Quality-relevant characteristics.

According to ISO 52920, additive manufacturing technologies are explained in ISO/ASTM 52920. However, aspects of Environment, health, and safety are not mentioned.

Why ISO 52920 Certification is important?

ISO 52920 standard is important for various reasons. Additive manufacturers encompass various industries like automotive, rail, aerospace, and medical, etc. While following the ISO 52920 guidelines, AM sites will get the trust of stakeholders in the manufacturing process. Also, It facilitates regulation between manufacturers & purchasers.

The independent institutions provide proof of testing, material qualities, process, auditing, and other key elements related to AM. But now, as per the notifications released by TUV SUD, they will support the AM companies to supervise the operations under ISO/ASTM 52920.

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Other ISO Certifications

There are various kinds of ISO certification available offering you and your business plenty of benefits. Below is the list of a few standard certifications provided by ISO (International Standard Organization);

  •  ISO 9001:  For customer satisfaction.
  • ISO 27001: For Information Security Management System (ISMS).
  • ISO 14001: For improving environmental performance.
  • ISO 45001: For occupational health and safety (OH&S).
  • ISO 22301: business continuity management system (BCMS).

What are the benefits of 52920 ISO certification?

  • Following the standards, the manufacturing units can smoothly streamline their supplier audits.
  • The updated ISO standard 52920 shall be used to establish a proper channel of quality management and the tracking of AM companies’ operations.
  • It builds trust for stakeholders to increase the business scope. Adopting ISO 52920 will assure a quality additive manufacturing process.
  • Overall, the ISO 52920 will help the medical and other manufacturing industries to increase productivity with a shield of authenticity and quality checks.

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