Jaggery Export Business with APEDA License

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Non-refined, chemical-free jaggery is a common sweetener in Indian cuisine. Jaggery, sometimes known as “medicinal sugar,” is just as healthy as honey. As a result, India is the world’s leading producer of jaggery. Indian jaggery accounts for more than 60% of global production. The value of India’s jaggery exports to the US was $227.90 million in FY 2019-20. Many countries in Africa and Asia are major export markets for Indian jaggery. You can also start jaggery export business with APEDA License. In this article, you will learn all about Jaggery Export Business with APEDA License.

Profit considerations in the export of jaggery

  • India is worldly famous for the creation of not just sugar but also jaggery. The jaggery businesses have witnessed benefits coupled with an increase in the lockdown period owing to the shutdown of liquor establishments.
  • During the statewide lockdown, the demand and production for jaggery skyrocketed in the villages for the manufacturing of liquor.
  • Jaggery is also widely utilized in the processed food sector and ayurvedic medicine.
  • Jaggery also has significant medicinal and nutritional properties and the jaggery sector is becoming successful for the increased health consciousness among customers.

What is an APEDA Registration License?

Government-run APEDA was created in 1985 by a statute to aid in the growth and promotion of exports of certain agricultural and processed food goods.

As well as financial support, the organization also offers resources and instructions for the creation of future goods.

Scheduled items are defined under the APEDA Act, and exporters of these products must register with APEDA.

APEDA’s mission is to encourage the export of scheduled goods, and it has accomplished this goal by performing a variety of tasks that are under the purview of the national government.

The APEDA Act is administered efficiently by the central government, which establishes the rules and regulations and administers them through this organization.

Jaggery is also a scheduled product under APEDA and you also have to get APEDA Registration to export Jaggery.

Benefits of APEDA Registration

Benefits of APEDA Registration

  • Exporters can make use of a wide range of financial aid programs offered by the APEDA Registration.
  • APEDA offers exporters rules, regulations, and guidance based on the country of destination.
  • The APEDA registration online strengthens the brand and aids exporters in promoting it through ads, package design, database upgrades, and surveys, among other things.
  • Trade exhibitions, infrastructural support, and agricultural exchange reports are only some of the benefits of APEDA registration for exporters.
  • The APEDA offers a variety of training opportunities for exporters to improve their abilities and expand their businesses.
  • APEDA Registration offers exporters guidelines and instructions on how to better arrange their businesses in relation to the various scheduled items.

The Steps of the Registration

Applicants seeking APEDA registration must submit an application form within a month of starting their firm. In the event that an exporter fails to register in the stipulated time frame with acceptable reason, only the responsible authorities can extend the deadline.

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How to check APEDA list of exporters in India?

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